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Impolite Revolution
Impolite RevolutionImpolite Revolution

How many times have you sunk into the depths of existential angst and felt a general disdain for the state of the world? How many times have you bit your tongue because it was impolite to truly speak what you felt? This writer is pretty sure that she is not alone in feeling like she is going through life pretending to be okay, despite feeling like the entire world is caving in because she is expected to hold her tongue and act like everything is alright.

Tanisha Mittal is a recovering people-pleaser, who is finding her own ways of expressing her defiance against social expectations and constructs. A clay artist and digital illustrator from New Delhi, she created her brand, 'Impolite Revolution', as a way to share her experimentations with being unapologetically authentic in who she is. 

According to the website, Impolite Revolution is a space and community that Tanisha is building, bound together by her art and products that are quirky and whimsical. In her own words, "Being proper and polite at the expense of your own personality shining through to the world, is just not worth the trouble, man. No longer willing to put up with the societal gaze— Impolite Revolution is a space and a community that only wishes people to live their lives in the loudest and proudest way possible."

With a love for the whimsical and wacky, Impolite Revolution as a brand is inclusive and conscious. In looking closely, there is a sense of true acceptance that shines through. The brand is an attempt to inspire people to be more free with who they are - wacky ideas, strange sense of humor, crippling anxiety and all. Tanisha has gone so far as to even say, "I am cringe, but I am free" on the website. If that isn’t a way to promote acceptance, nothing is. 

The Impolite Revolution store is a treasure trove of delightful lifestyle pieces. From the existential blob — a clay figurine that is cute, yet accurately captures the debilitating reality of the pressures of existence, to the posters and stationery inspired by art, literature and even memes. Tanisha also stocks up on varying formats of her signature art works in prints, posters, and even stationery. 

Tanisha has also created posters featuring popular figures ranging from Frida Kahlo to Scooby Doo in her own way, which are available for purchase on her website. But even if you’re not someone who likes surrounding yourself with quirky knick-knacks, Impolite Revolutions is a great Instagram page to follow for superior memes and "immaculate vibes" as she would say. 

You can stay tuned to the Tanisha and the brand on Instagram.

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