Diwiks' Homegrown Speakers Merge Classic 20th-Century Aesthetics With Modern Innovation

 Diwiks' speakers are a "confluence of sound and design".
Diwiks' speakers are a "confluence of sound and design". Diwiks

Growing up in Indian households, most of us must’ve heard the radio playing in the background every day. Whether it is songs in your regional languages or old Bollywood songs of Muhammed Rafi or Kishore Kumar, classic wooden radios are a staple of childhood memories for most of us. Diwiks is a brand from the craft city of Bikaner that creates high-quality speakers whose aesthetics are those of 20th-century wooden radios. With its equal focus on a pristine listening experience and timeless design that is innately Indian, they are a bespoke brand. 

Referring to themselves as a ‘confluence of sound and design’, the brand emerged from an experiment to restore vintage radios from the 20th century. Diwik Singh Chhalani chanced upon an old radio in his ancestral home that he refurbished for the modern day with better audio and controls. In doing this project, he saw the potential of combining this timeless aesthetic with high-end sound and technology to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Working with chief artisans Ustad Mainuddin and Manoj Suthar, both of whom hail from a long line of artisans in Bikaner, Diwik created his brand. The products from Diwiks are hand-crafted by a team of skilled artisans, technicians and designers under their watchful eyes at Studio Kasturi Kraft in Bikaner. Committed to preserving the design traditions and craft expertise that are part of the city, the studio employs local artisans, supporting their craft and providing them with a collaborative space to further hone their skills. 

At the heart of Diwiks, the philosophy of the brand is a commitment to uniqueness and individuality. Each speaker from them is specially designed, numbered and inscribed with the owner’s name, creating a personal collection and exclusivity, with the intention for them to become cherished heirloom pieces. The sound excellence of the Diwiks speakers is their two-way amplifier which has been designed and developed with leading sound designers and consultants. 

This partnership is what ensures each speaker delivers the best acoustic experience with superior resonance and quality. The specially crafted corkwood casing of the Diwiks speaker plays a pivotal role in achieving this. By using custom-designed Kevlar cone drivers, the speaker can produce rich audio details with minimal distortion, ensuring a listening experience that would satisfy audiophiles and casual listeners alike. Engineered to adapt to modern needs, the Diwiks speakers pair easily with Bluetooth devices and have HD music streaming capabilities. To further ensure seamless connectivity, the speaker is Wifi enabled. Fitted with COAX input in addition to Aux and line-in ports, the speaker is compatible with everything from smartphones to turntables and other audio equipment. 

Rooted in history and dedicated to sustainability, the brand uses wood that is used for the speaker casing sourced from 1930s and 1940s Burmese teakwood, known for its exceptional durability and beauty. The reclaimed wood helps the brand take a greener approach to manufacturing, in addition to enhancing its visual appeal. The blend of sustainability and luxury is a core driving force for the founder of Diwiks with each speaker. With a commitment to local artistry, the brand proudly embodies the essence of "Remade In India.”

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