Fine Lines Luxury Bags Are An Ode To Homegrown Leather Craft

Fine Lines Luxury Bags Are An Ode To Homegrown Leather Craft

There weren’t a lot of things my mother openly expressed glee over. Most women of her generation rarely did. But one undeniably joyful thing for my mother was a good handbag. Whether it was my dad bringing home a bright red Hidesign bag as an anniversary gift or her showing off the almost 30-year-old bag that she took to every hospital visit when she was pregnant with me - she had stories attached to them all. She is someone who understands the fact that a good handbag that practically carries your entire world, is a worthy investment. Even cultural journalist Elizabeth Fisher wrote of an alternate perspective that rather than hunting tools, ‘the carrier bag’ for gathering might have been the first cultural device to be crafted. Evidently, my mother’s discerning eye for investment-worthy attire has been passed on to me, as I am constantly on the lookout for such brands.

Thankfully in recent times, there has been a steady growth in the number of Indian designers and artisans creating direct-to-consumer fashion labels instead of solely focusing export-intented manufacturing. Fine Lines is a luxury brand from Kanpur that was founded in 2016, and initially focused on crafting premium bridles and riding gear for European equestrian brands and enthusiasts. But in seeking to move beyond the limits of riding gear, the brand expanded into the currently available range of bags, accessories and stationery products. They are serving just what the likes of many like me are looking for - homegrown, luxurious accessories that have timeless design and can stand the test of time.

Fine Lines

Raghav Kapoor started Fine Lines along with Varun Jolly in 2016, but his love for leather craft and design eventually fueled the brand’s pivot into crafting personal accessories. The close attention being paid to the finest of details such as the stitching and the choice of hardware, are a reflection of the designer's dedication to his craft that is reflected in each piece he creates. The time and effort he takes to source the best quality leather and hand-selecting it to provide the right texture, feel and enduring quality is also a key aspect that imbues the accessories Fine Lines with luxury. 

"Our products are a metaphor for minimalism and authenticity. In a world where people desire to adopt high fashion and buy trend-driven designs, we are pleased to see that there are individuals who appreciate quality and take pride in creating their own unique style".

Raghav Kapoor, Founder & Creative Head, Fine Lines

The brand currently offers leather bags, wallets, and accessories such as laptop sleeves, spectacles cases and pencil pouches. The design of the Fine Lines products strikes a balance between classic shapes and modern flair and details, which could appeal to those across age and sensibilities, but appreciate timeless design and superior craftsmanship. The minimal, elegant pieces are crafted to last and are meant for those who value authenticity and originality over trends. 

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