#HGSupply: Celebrate A Decade Of Indian Graphic Art With Kulture Shop's Collector Boxes

Collector Boxes From Kulture Shop
Collector Boxes From Kulture ShopKulture Shop

In commemorating a ten-year journey at the forefront of a burgeoning Indian art movement, Kulture Shop proudly presents Collector Boxes, as a gift to the evolution of visual culture. These curated collections encapsulate the essence of cutting-edge Indian graphic artistry, offering a nuanced perspective on the modern urban Indian experience through an Indo-global lens.

The Collector Boxes represent an opportunity to possess a slice of cultural history. They comprise their most iconic and beloved pieces, categorised into five thematic collections: Fusion, Culture, People, Design, and Nature. Each box is an extraordinary value, allowing art enthusiasts to indulge in a carefully selected array of artworks.

Within the People Collector Box, you'll find captivating portraits that bring to life a diverse array of characters, both earthly and beyond. These narratives bring together quirky and delightful cultural stories that resonate with authenticity and memorability. Meanwhile, the Culture Collector Box offers a contemporary graphic interpretation of the enchanting tapestry that is India, providing nostalgic yet reimagined snapshots of its people, rituals, and places.

People Collector Box
People Collector BoxKulture Shop

The Fusion Collector Box is an exhilarating dive into 21st-century India, a vibrant and thought-provoking visual journey where juxtaposition reigns supreme. In the Design Collector Box, one can explore contemporary Indian typographic, pattern, and linework explorations, often marked by a minimalism that imbues symbols, language, and cultural context with profound meaning.

For those drawn to the serene beauty of the natural world, the Nature Collector Box offers inspired depictions of nature's forms—animals, botanical wonders, and landscapes. These artworks evoke a sense of tranquillity, inviting viewers to discover beauty, peace, and truth in nature's metaphors and realities.

Fusion Collector Box
Fusion Collector BoxKulture Shop

The Collector Boxes are veritable collector's items that invite conversation and reflection. Whether gracing your coffee table or adorning your walls, these prints transform spaces with their arresting beauty. Moreover, they present a unique gifting opportunity, allowing you to share the joy of art with friends, family, or valued clients.

From established visionaries to emerging talents, this extraordinary endeavour would not have been possible without the contributions of esteemed artists. Thirty showcase artists featured prominently in the curated picks, have blazed trails in the Indian graphic art movement like Anjali Mehta, Muhammed Sajid, and Broti Bhattacharya, all of whom have shaped its course and identity. 

A sneak peek
A sneak peekKulture Shop

The prints in each box are being offered at 50% off, providing value by doubling the art for the price. These prints are divided into two categories: Curated Picks and Curated Mix. The former constitutes the finest selections from each theme, representing the pinnacle of art catalogue. The latter, equally curated, offers a diverse array of artworks that complement and enrich the Curated Picks.

These Collector Boxes are available in limited supply and for a limited time only until stocks last. The shipping will commence on 20th October 2023.

You can secure your pre-order here.

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