Pune Designer Revati Mathur's Art Is Fun, Fluid, & Redefines Notions Of Femininity

Revati's belief in the power of a simple, well-told narrative to unite people resonates deeply within her work.
Revati's belief in the power of a simple, well-told narrative to unite people resonates deeply within her work.Revati Mathur

In the vibrant artistic landscape of Pune, one name stands out for her unique approach to illustration — Revati Mathur. A freelance illustrator and graphic designer hailing from this culturally rich city, Revati has been making waves with her distinct style and thought-provoking themes. Revati is not just an illustrator; she's a storyteller. Her belief in the power of a simple, well-told narrative to unite people resonates deeply within her work. Currently, she explores identity, branding, and visual design, leveraging her skills to convey powerful messages through art.

IllustrationsRevati Mathur

When asked about the themes that surround her illustrations, Revati's response reflects the eclectic nature of her creative process. Her art is as diverse as her influences, which can range from the deeply intimate to the humorous. Drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources, including fellow artists, podcasts, music, memes, and everyday life, her work remains a reflection of her ever-evolving experiences.

Sweet Sweet Rejection
Sweet Sweet RejectionRevati Mathur

One distinctive aspect of Revati's work is her ability to seamlessly merge traditional and digital mediums. She relishes the tactile experience of working with materials like acrylic paints while also enjoying the precision of digital illustration. Her choice of medium often depends on what's readily available, leading to a fascinating fusion of techniques. This approach, she says, allows her to have fun and freely express herself.

CusionsRevati Mathur

Revati's illustrations, particularly her depictions of women, exude a refreshing fluidity. Her art challenges conventional notions of strength and femininity, redefining what it means to be a "strong woman". This exploration of strength and fluidity takes center stage in much of her recent work, offering viewers a new perspective on empowerment and self-expression.

Inflated logos, Cloudy Feelings
Inflated logos, Cloudy FeelingsRevati Mathur

Looking ahead, Revati has ambitious plans for her artistic journey. She aspires to venture into new horizons, contemplating visual narratives in the form of moving images or even a graphic memoir. Her determination to evolve as an artist and continuing to find and tell stories promises to bring forth even more thought-provoking and visually captivating creations.

Tragic/Magic , Recovery in Magenta
Tragic/Magic , Recovery in MagentaRevati Mathur

In a world where art serves as a medium for change and reflection, Revati's illustrations are a testament to the power of storytelling through visual means. Revati's work exemplifies the evolving nature of art, where boundaries are continuously pushed, and new narratives are woven via visual depictions. Her ability to blend mediums, explore diverse themes, and challenge conventional norms makes her a notable artist across Pune's thriving creative landscape.

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