#HGSupply: Embrace Your Spirit Animal With Mykel's 'Mystic Totems' Flash Tattoo Series

Flash tattoos from Mykel's series.
Mystic TotemsMykel

Known for his symbolic and eclectic tattoos, Michael aka Mykel aka inkpatch, a resident artist at Murukoo in Bangalore, has revealed his latest flash series, 'Mystic Totems'. This series features three captivating animal spirit guides: a four-eyed fox, a majestic tiger with flowers on its ears, and a formidable dragon with a thunderbolt emerging from its mouth. 

Every spirit guide in the Mystic Totems series is meticulously designed to be a minimum of 5x5 inches, ensuring that the intricate details and vibrant essence of each spirit guide are captured. These tattoos are available in both black and grey, as well as in colour variants, tailored to complement various skin tones. 

The four-eyed fox, an emblem of wisdom and cunning, features a mystical aura enhanced by the additional eyes, symbolizing heightened perception and insight. This design is perfect for those who resonate with the fox's cleverness and agility. The beautiful tiger, with delicate sakura flowers on its ears, combines the fierce strength of the tiger with the soft elegance of nature. This juxtaposition creates a powerful yet graceful image, ideal for individuals who embody strength tempered with beauty and gentleness. The dragon, a creature of legend and power, is depicted with a thunderbolt shooting from its mouth, representing unstoppable force and energy. This dynamic design is perfect for those who feel a deep connection with the dragon's mythical might and transformative power.

To book one of these exclusive flash tattoos, interested clients have to message Murukoo on Instagram. The booking operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, with the first person to pay the deposit securing the piece. In keeping with the exclusivity of the series, once a tattoo is booked, it will not be repeated for anyone else, preserving its uniqueness for the wearer. Importantly, no customisations are allowed for these pieces, ensuring the integrity of Michael's original vision. 

Murukoo is a versatile studio renowned for its expertise in tattoos, digital art, murals, and hand-painted customised work. Michael's latest series is a testament to the studio's commitment to high-quality, unique art that resonates on a personal and spiritual level with its clients. For those seeking a tattoo that is more than just body art but a profound connection to ancient wisdom and powerful totems, Michael's Mystic Totems series offers an unparalleled opportunity. With its limited availability and the promise of exclusivity, these pieces are poised to become treasured symbols for their owners.

Seize the opportunity to claim your spirit guide from this extraordinary series. Don't wait; reach out to Murukoo today and secure a piece of mystic art that speaks to your soul.

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