Chetnaa’s Geometric Abstractions Are Inspired By The Spirit & Architecture Of Delhi

Chetnaa’s Geometric Abstractions Are Inspired By The Spirit & Architecture Of Delhi

Homegrown artist Chetnaa is a maestro of geometric abstractions who operates in a world where lines intertwine with space and form dances with perception. Her canvas is not merely a surface but a playground of architectural motifs and ephemeral narratives, echoing the soul of New Delhi's ever-evolving landscape. Delving into the intricate folds of Kirigami, a technique that transcends the flatness of paper into a multidimensional saga, Chetnaa's artistry unveils a world where structure meets emotion, and geometry narrates a tale of metamorphosis.

Kirigami, derived from the ancient art of origami, breathes life into paper through meticulous cuts and folds. It's a marriage of precision and imagination, where each incision reveals a new facet of dimensionality. Unlike its sibling, origami, kirigami doesn't shy away from scissors; instead, it embraces the transformative power of slicing, crafting sculptures that defy gravity and expectation.

Born amidst the vibrant chaos of New Delhi in 1981, Chetnaa's artistic journey echoes the symphony of her city's streets, where chaos coalesces into harmony, and tradition whispers alongside modernity. Her academic sojourn at the College of Art, New Delhi, imbued her with the technical prowess to translate urban nuances into eloquent schematics of lines and markers. What emerged from this crucible of artistic exploration was a minimalist aesthetic woven from the fabric of metropolitan vistas.

In her seminal series 'Ephemera', Chetnaa immortalizes the fleeting essence of Delhi's historical narrative. Through three-dimensional Kirigami sculptures delicately poised on a map of Shahjahanabad, she captures the remnants of a bygone era, juxtaposed against the relentless march of urban progress. Each sculpture becomes a silent sentinel, a testament to the delicate dance between preservation and transformation.

The series serves as an elegy and celebration, urging viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between heritage and modernity. It's a visual poem that navigates the labyrinthine alleys of memory, where ancient splendors embrace contemporary contours, and history whispers tales of resilience.

Beyond her explorations in Kirigami, Chetnaa's repertoire extends to steel sculptures that mimic the intricacies of folded paper. Pieces like "Convergence I and II" become architectural haikus, where space, form, and art converge in a harmonious dance. Her exhibitions at prestigious venues like the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art stand as testaments to her growing influence in the contemporary art scene.

Chetnaa's artistic odyssey is marked by accolades such as the Emerging Artist of the Year award from Glenfiddich, a testament to her burgeoning presence in the global art community. Her works, including the enigmatic 'Square Unplugged' and the contemplative 'Blanc et Noir d’or', invite viewers on a journey of introspection and discovery.

Chetnaa's art invites audiences worldwide to ponder the nuanced interplay of geometry, emotion, and urban narratives. In a world where cities evolve, memories fade, and structures crumble, Chetnaa's art stands as a timeless testament to the ephemeral beauty that resides within the heart of urban landscapes. It's a celebration of impermanence, a symphony of lines that etch tales of resilience and transformation on the canvas of time.

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