Material Immaterial Studio's Objects Are A Dialogue Between Architecture & Sculptural Art

Material Immaterial Studio's Objects Are A Dialogue Between Architecture & Sculptural Art
Material Immaterial Studio

Material Immaterial Studio, helmed by designers Nitin Barchha and Disney Davis, speaks to the beauty found in simplicity and the allure of raw materials. Rooted in the ethos of minimalism, the studio's approach is not about adding to the design but rather about subtracting, a process that uncovers richness in subtleties and textures. Their creations, ranging from home decor pieces to jewellery and furniture, are inspired by the Brutalist movement, embodying a unique blend of brutalism, minimalism, and brutalist art.

The studio's journey is a celebration of craftsmanship and experimentation, where each product is meticulously handcrafted to be a collectible, blurring the line between art and functionality. Nitin and Disney's love for materials transcends the utilitarian, leading them to create objects that engage both visually and tactilely, inviting curiosity and contemplation.

Drawing inspiration from architectural luminaries like Peter Zumthor, Carlo Scarpa, and John Pawson, Material Immaterial Studio pushes the boundaries of material possibilities, conducting research and exploration through a liberal and intrinsic design process. Their 'Spaces' collection exemplifies this ethos, showcasing complex architectural objects crafted through an additive and reductive process, allowing for endless configurations and expressions.

The 'Elements' collection, featuring micro-concrete cufflinks and earrings, epitomizes the studio's fascination with concrete as a material. Each piece, minimal yet sharply defined, reflects the makers' dedication to simplicity and form, highlighting concrete's malleability and unique finish.

What sets Material Immaterial Studio apart is their commitment to elegance in simplicity, evident in the crisp lines and bare colours of their designs. The absence of unnecessary embellishments reinforces the purist philosophy underlying their work, where the joy of the design process itself is a rewarding journey of tireless repetition and refinement.

In a world often driven by utility, Material Immaterial Studio dares to challenge norms, inviting viewers to appreciate the intrinsic beauty of materials and the power of minimalist design. Their creations not only adorn spaces but also provoke thought, inviting us to delve deeper into the essence of craftsmanship and creativity.

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