Homegrown Eyewear Brand Project Shades' Collections Intersect Edge & Function

Project Shades' motto is to embrace the uncommon and escape the mundane.
Project Shades' motto is to embrace the uncommon and escape the mundane.Project Shades' motto is to embrace the uncommon and escape the mundane.

Once seen purely as a functional accessory for shielding your eyes from the sun's harmful rays, sunglasses have transcended their practical purpose to become a prominent fashion statement, particularly among Gen Z. They are no longer just an accessory; they are a way to express individuality, complement an outfit, and complete a look.

Gone are the days of generic, one-size-fits-all sunglasses, as today's market offers a diverse range of styles, from classic aviators and wayfarers to trendy mirrored lenses and futuristic designs. Sunglasses now come in a kaleidoscope of shapes, colours, and materials, catering to diverse aesthetics and preferences. From chunky frames to vintage-inspired silhouettes and mirrored lenses, the options are endless, allowing Gen Z to experiment and find sunglasses that resonate with their individual style, whether edgy, preppy, or anything in between.

This shift in perception is partly driven by the rise of social media and the influence of celebrities and fashion icons who constantly set new trends. With the constant barrage of images online, sunglasses have become a crucial tool for self-expression, allowing individuals to curate their online personas and project a specific image. Furthermore, sunglasses offer a sense of mystery and intrigue, adding an element of confidence to any outfit. They can instantly elevate a casual look or add a finishing touch to a more formal ensemble.

One brand that perfectly embodies this fusion of fashion and function is Project Shades. The mission of this young Indian brand is "to help individuals express their unique sense of style with our cool and distinctive eyewear." They are unafraid to take risks, experiment with new materials and shapes, and challenge the status quo. Project Shades' sunglasses perfectly blend tech and street, catering to those who fit into the aesthetic. Their exclusive collections have garnered traction from those who value trendsetting eyewear.

With the vision of Raj Azad, Project Shades' styles serve as evidence of their dedication to individuality. The brand offers an extensive selection of unisex designs made of materials ranging from classic acetate to sleek metal, vibrant colour selections, and unique silhouettes. From futuristic glasses like Phantom and Utopia to Y2K options like Starboy and Amber, each pair is designed to amplify the wearer's individuality and isn't just a protective eyewear option. Along with eyewear, they have recently launched a jewellery section on their website, offering unisex chains, ear clips and bracelets.

Project Shades' motto is to embrace the uncommon and escape the mundane, and its commitment to quality and affordability further strengthens its appeal. Their sunglasses are crafted from durable materials yet remain accessible, making them a perfect choice for every fashion-conscious individual on a budget. As the demand for uniqueness and exclusivity grows in the fashion landscape, brands like Project Shades are a beacon of uniqueness in a field where conformity is often the norm.

Check out their latest collection 'Office Dropouts' here.

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