Make A Splash This Summer With These Homegrown Swimwear Brands On Our Radar
L: Zwaan R: House of Malabaar

Make A Splash This Summer With These Homegrown Swimwear Brands On Our Radar

The AC is broken and Summer is in full-swing South India. While this writer doesn’t quite know how to swim and can barely manage to stay afloat, the idea of languishing by the water in cute swimwear is the only thought that is helping her get through another sweltering day. Whether one swims or not in said 'cute swimwear' is one question, but whether there are cute, stylish swimwear worth buying in India, is another. 

The concept of Swimwear in itself is one that taken its sweet time to 'make a splash' in India. But the market for swimwear has been on an uphill climb and is now projected to have an annual growth of 3.50% (CAGR 2024-2028). There has also been an uptick in the number of international brands that offer swimwear entering the Indian market. But the best outcome of the evidently growing love for the ‘beach life’ are the Homegrown swim and resort wear labels that have started popping up across the nation. While there are a lot of brands that cater to different needs, purpose and style sensibilities, the following are some Homegrown Swimwear labels that have really caught our attention.

1. La Paz

Despite being someone who had always toyed with the idea of starting a swimwear label akin to the ones she saw models wear in international media, and loved being in the water, it took a trip to the city of La Paz for the founder of this label to start her own. Started by Radhika Agarwal Yadav, in partnership with her husband Anshul Yadav, La Paz is a homegrown label that blends sustainable craft and production with luxurious, contemporary design with global appeal.

The brand prides itself on its focus on creating pieces that instil confidence and comfort in its wearers, as well as their use of high-quality materials, and impeccable tailoring. With this dedicated focus on being environmentally conscious, they use innovative recycled fabrics like ECONYL® and natural materials, wherever possible. They also work with rural clusters in India to craft their products close to home, provide more work opportunities within the nation and to make the most of the unparalleled Indian craftsmanship. 

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2. House of Malabaar

One of the only few dedicated homegrown brands for swim and resort wear for men in India, House of Malabaar was started by best friends Shalin Shah and Krishnaraj Kilachand. While it’s not been even a year into its inception, House of Malabaar has a signature laid-back, coastal-inspired aesthetic and a dedicated focus on quality that has garnered it a loyal base. Owing to his family background in the textile industry, Shalin Shah closely monitors and handles the procurement of materials and the manufacturing of the pieces themselves. Krishnaraj on the other hand lends his seasoned marketing know-how, general wit and charm to embody and position the label as one that intills the laidback ‘Malabaar state of mind’ through their clothes.

With the intent to create homegrown swimwear for the active and adventurous that rival international standards in design and functionality, they offer lightweight pieces that are functional and extra comfortable. One of the key aspects that the brand loyalists swear is the comfort and quality of their pieces, especially the inner mesh and the fabric used to craft the swimwear that are comfortable even to those who have sensory issues. While there is an evident gap in the market when it comes to premium swimwear for men, and their leading competitors might be sporting goods chains, House of Malabaar creates premium pieces whose many aspects can justify its price point. This includes everything from sourcing materials and hardwares from Italy to Japan and creating products in solar-powered units to even using biodegradable packaging over flashy branding to  minimise environmental impact.

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Make A Splash This Summer With These Homegrown Swimwear Brands On Our Radar
House of Malabaar's Functional Resort Wear Promotes Mindfulness & Slow Living

3. Zwaan

While it may not be a dedicated Swimwear brand, Zwaan has a limited but well-designed capsule range of swimsuits that are worth a look. Founded Tanvi Sawlani in 2016 as a luxe womenswear brand, the label has evolved over the years to include resort and pret wear. No matter the category of the piece, they have strong core values for production that radiates through the label. As it says on the website,“strongly rooted in its unique design language of supreme craftsmanship, fine tailoring, and attention to detail, Zwaan offers a sense of luxury and sophistication to elevated essentials and contemporary creations by marrying refined ease to artisanal craftsmanship.”

The latest swimwear capsule collection from Zwaan is title Illume 2.0, and is an extension on their earlier pret collection Illume 23. Inspired by the contours, curves and colours of the Canyons, the range of gowns to the swimwear in this capsule feature a soothing palette of earthy, and pink hues perfect for a resort/summer setting. The swimwear products from Zwaan however come with a delivery timeline of 40-45 days after placing an order as they have decided to forego the practice of bulk production. Their dedication to craftsmanship and made-to-order approach means that each of the pieces are meticulously made with care. This is done in order to ensure perfect fit for the customer, while staying true to style and comfort needs of the customer.

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A swimwear brand that was launched in the US first and quickly became a beloved vacation staple for global fashion icons and supermodels, OOKIOH is the brainchild of Odisha-origin Vivek Agarwal. A swimwear brand that offers ‘modern style with a splash of nostalgia’ OOKIOH as a name was inspired by the concept of ‘Ukiyo’ (the floating world), that represents a lifestyle of pleasure-seeking and living in the moment. The biggest aspect that sets the brand apart, in addition to its timeless design, is its dedication towards sustainability. Each piece from the brand is crafted from a special Italian fabric that is made 100% recycled ocean plastic, fishing nets and other regenerated materials. 

Offering pieces that can essentially transition from a day by the pool to an evening out, the OOKIOH pieces are swimwear that is designed to live a life in - and not just a vacation. After finding global success, OOKIOH entered the Indian market in 2021 and is offering their swimwear crafted from recycled material at a mid-luxury pricing point. One of the most definitive aspects of the label is its attention to detail and dedication to inclusivity. The brand caters to a wide range of body types and sizes and goes upto a size 4X, which is not common with similar premium designer swimwear brands. Doubling down on the notes of nostalgia, the brand’s offerings extend beyond swimwear to include beach towels, thong bathing suits, and sunglasses inspired by vintage aesthetics and '90s fashion spreads.

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