Out Of The Black: Sazo Goes ‘Lights Out’ With Their Sister Label's Latest Collection

Campaign images featuring models wearing all black and white denim outfits from the label Us Not Us by Sazo and their latest collection 'Lights Out'

One of my favourite memes from the early Facebook days, when even the title of memes was yet to be invented, read ‘Welcome to the dark side, we have cookies.’ The little 14-year-old geek in me guffawed at how the iconic line from Star Wars was twisted into a shareable joke. 15 years later, I came across the same line used in a different context but was taken aback at how it was from a brand I’d have never expected it from - Sazo. Of all the brands to create a monochromatic collection, they weren’t one I would have bet on to welcome me to 'the dark side'.

For better context, launched in 2020, Sazo is a label that rose to success for its colourful prints, inclusivity and constant innovation. From creating custom swimwear for all bodies to launching fashionable rainwear in 2022, and from creating custom pieces for fashion lovers to boxy, unisex shirts for all, their varying experiments since inceptions were tied together by their USP of bright, technicolour prints. Founded by Saoni Daini, Sazo’s bright, whimsical pieces have been worn and loved by those who love maximalism, such as fashion provocateur Uorfi Javed. 

But with their latest launch, Sazo is taking what is essentially a 180-degree turn and creating pieces that feature the whimsical patterns that they are known for, just without all the colour. In building up to their launch, the brand mentioned how ‘Lights Out’ is essentially Sazo expressing its other side. More than just a collection, they have established this monochromatic launch as the first collection from their ‘colour-blind’ sister label titled ‘Us Not Us’. 

Campaign images featuring models wearing all black and white denim outfits from the label Us Not Us by Sazo and their latest collection 'Lights Out'
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The collection was launched in early April and features 9 distinct pieces, each with its own story and quirky details. From the ‘Let Me Out’ vest that features a detachable bag with a little monster inside, with the warning ‘Do Not Look Into His Eyes’ to the ‘Colourblind Pants’ that feature hand and machine embroidery and patchworks - each piece from Us Not Us is created with great attention to detail, as is expected of Sazo. 

Crafted in black denim reversed, dyed, dried, patched and played with, the pieces from the collection are all distinct in their own ways. The contrast stitching of their signature quirky prints in stark-white adds dimension and character to each statement piece from the collection. The element of playfulness has always been present with Sazo and even when it’s monochromatic, there is no lack of laughs, quirks and puns. 

Taking one deeper into their process with each social media post, and highlighting the freehand drawing and crafting that goes into each piece from the collection, the Us Not Us label and its first collection is still staying resolute in Sazo’s overarching narrative of whimsy, innovation and creative exploration, and of course, always being open for customisation. 

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