‘Love All’ from Same Sisters Features One-Off Athleisure Made From Vintage Sarees

‘Love All’ from Same Sisters Features One-Off Athleisure Made From Vintage Sarees
Photos by Isaac Nico

We are not the same person we were a couple of years ago. But then again, we aren’t the same people we were a second ago. The human’s greatest feat may be our constant metamorphosis - of learning, growing, exploring parts of ourselves and aligning ourselves. To be human means to be constantly changing.

Same Sisters is a brand whose identity is rooted in the journey and battles of being many things and being okay with it. The detours that the designer’s identity delves into, are what gives rise to their each new collection. On their website, Sachi Raval, the designer behind the brand mentions, “Through my pieces, I am trying to make visible parts of us that are unarticulated. I sway between designs that are doll-like and pink and others that have no feminine connotations. At the same time, I often attempt to erase the confines of boxed notions and opposing styles altogether. At Same Sisters, we explore one's changing personality through the little details that we add and leave out in our pieces.”

With a minimal website, and letting the images i.e., the clothes speak for themselves, Same Sisters as a brand has a dreamy, hazy aesthetic. Their current drop, ‘Love All’ is an analysis and play of converting vintage sarees into one-off athleisure that are structured, functional, and give a nod to the bygone eras, as is the norm with the brand. While we’re waiting to know more about the collection in itself, we can say for sure that the finer details - the construction itself and the use of solid lines and stripes add definition and detail to the vintage prints of the sarees.

Photos by Isaac Nico

One of the earlier collections from them titled ‘8 from the 80s’ is a deeper contemplation of the designer’s aforementioned love for bygone times. In seeking to wear vintage trends and appease their soul, they created this collection, that is meant for all occasions. From structured, cropped blazers to boxy, short-sleeved shirts that’d feel right at home in the 80s.

Another previous collection called Cassatta - a word that brings back summer childhood memories - was a collection of 7 outfits. Drawing inspiration from the classic salwar suits that we know and love, but deconstructing it to be more than what it is - ‘a set’, Sachi tried to make the pieces relevant to modern times, making them adaptable and independently functional. All this, but with a delicate heart at the centre of it - the hand-embroidered motifs of the Cassatta collection were inspired by 18th-century European textiles and embroidery- from ornate hearts to dainty bows and roses.

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