Lost My Accent Blends A Vintage Nautical Charm With Streetwear Aesthetics

l ‘Lost My Accent’ seeks to evoke the explorer within you.
l ‘Lost My Accent’ seeks to evoke the explorer within you.Lost My Accent

An ode to the lover of sea, travel, adventure and company, homegrown label ‘Lost My Accent’ seeks to evoke the explorer within you. Founded in 2023, its niche aesthetic seamlessly blends vintage and contemporary styles without overpowering the wearer. Inspired by the tastemakers of France, the clothing showcases strong influences from the peculiarities of French coastal life, while still retaining the dominant silhouettes commonly found in street styles with its baggy and relaxed fits. 

A nautical daydream, the brand plays with old school typography often noticed in classic film noir, however its graphics retain the vibrant motifs of the present zeitgeist. Focused on quality, their jersey tees are made of 100% cotton and hence provide the wearer with fits that are sustainable. They hope to channel the bon-vivant (one who lives well) within each one of us, by finding the right fit for you, no matter the kind of adventure that awaits you. The brand believes that the more effortless the fit, the more seamlessly you can transition between adventures. 

Inviting the wearer to experience a new kind of cruise, where you'll "lose your accent in the best way possible”, the brand breaks away from monotony to craft a streetwear brand that dares to push the boundaries of imagination. It is specially created for the voyagers who yearn to experiment and explore the realms of fashion and go beyond the repetitive binaries. Often adorned by young musicians such as Anuv Jain and Yashraj, the brand is representative of an unhindered zeal to claim your inner creativity. They offer an alternative route in fashion that represents both authenticity and self-expression. 

You can explore their spring-summer collection here

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