Pickle Shickle products are a celebration of cultural legacy and quality.
Pickle Shickle products are a celebration of cultural legacy and quality. Pickle Shickle

Pickle Shickle 'Relishes' The Cultural Culinary Legacy Of Their Products

Whether you hail from the coast or the ghats, pickles are a quintessential part of Indian cuisine. The act of pickling is one of those slow processes that most people don’t seem to have the time or patience for unless they are truly passionate about food. While making pickles at home might be becoming less popular among people, it continues to be the most beloved condiment for South Asians. 

For those who love pickles that one can pair with a quick bowl of curd rice or khichdi, Pickle Shickle is a brand that is worth knowing. Founded by an actor/producer sister duo, the brand creates homemade pickles and started as a small venture in Mumbai. Prerna Chawla and Preetika Chawla, the founders were initially selling small batches of their mother’s recipes that they grew up eating. Initially, the batches were only made when their mother Rithu would visit them in Mumbai and make pickles by the kilo before leaving, to give to their friends. But as the demand for her pickles grew, the duo started selling them. As the demand further increased, they took the recipes from their mum and started making them at home. Eventually, the founding duo's father also stepped in to help with the venture - making it a true family affair. 

From chicken and pork to lotus stem and jackfruit, today the brand offers pickles that are unique in their own ways. Focusing on high-quality and seasonal produce, Pickle Shickle products are still made in small batches, without additives or undue preservatives. Drawing from their mother’s multicultural lineage, the recipes have been passed down through generations and are inspired by their Nani’s Indian and Burmese recipes which have been contemporised for the modern palates. With the intersection of the varying cultures and influences that they have grown up with, their menu is a melting pot of exciting flavours. 

From a Burmese Shrimp Pickle to a continental Bacon jam, they have added more interesting products to their line over the years. The brand currently offers 10 different pickles/condiments, each with a tongue-in-cheek name and usually features a type of meat or an offbeat vegetable as the hero ingredient. As a community-driven brand, Pickle Shickle is attempting to gather and experiment further with the legacy of pickles that are unique to different communities and families, in addition to their own. 

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