Rooted In India: Beauty Brands Using Ayurvedic Practices To Create Conscious Products

Rooted In India: Beauty Brands Using Ayurvedic Practices To Create Conscious Products
L: Shaz & Kiks ; R: Aavrani

While navigating the world of skincare, many of us often struggle to find formulations that are best suited for our unique climates and skin types. This area is particularly challenging for South Asian women as our skin poses a unique set of problems such as hyper pigmentation and sensitivity. Which is why it only makes sense for us to revisit the rich plethora of age-old beauty recipes crafted by the many women in our communities. 

Based on organic ingredients and ayurvedic regiments, these conscious formulations were close to the environment and reflected a deep understanding of the natural world. Presently, young women of Indian diaspora are reimagining these ayurvedic solutions to offer products based in authentic Indian beauty regiments around the world. Here are a few brands on our radar to look out for. 

Shaz & Kiks

Indian skincare brand founded by two sisters, Shaz & Kiks, understands that beauty rituals have always been a bonding experience among the women in the South Asian community, involving mixed and matched natural ingredients from our kitchens and backyard gardens to create a spectrum of beauty concoctions rooted in old Indian Ayurvedic practices. They are taking the same philosophy forward by revamping beauty products using rituals that have been passed down through generations of Indian women. These collections utilise authentic ayurvedic herbs, plant-based formulas and basic yet effective ingredients such as Multani Mitti and more to form a holistic approach towards personal care. 

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Based in clean beauty rituals that originated centuries ago in India in the form of Turmeric, Coconut Oil, Neem as well as in Africa with Plantain Skins, Argan Oil, and Shea Butter, Aavrani is taking a simple approach towards beauty where each individual ingredient is added for a specific purpose and with clear intention. Rooted in the ethos of many Black and Brown communities, the brand seeks to preserve the original intention of clean beauty by focusing on the key ingredients first and further creating highly effective skincare that many people can benefit from. 

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Prakti Beauty

Fusing the cultural richness and spirituality of India with contemporary energies and technologies, Prakti is a hybrid beauty brand that reimagines traditional ingredients from Indian remedies and Ayurveda. They further harness the power of these ingredients through technological innovation to enhance the sensory experience of every product they create. Their innovative lines are committed to making groundbreaking skin care through quality ingredients, ethical sourcing, and sustainable packaging. Prakti founder, Pritika seeks to inspire women to fearlessly pursue multidimensional and fulfilling lives by embracing their unique identity and beauty. 

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