Savour The Taste Of Home With 4 Artisanal Homegrown Chutney Brands

5 Artisanal Homegrown Chutney
5 Artisanal Homegrown ChutneyL: Soul R: Spice Story

We as a people take our chutneys seriously. We've all paired them with foods as soul mates, and they're inseparable from Indian cuisine. Whether it's mango-mint chutney in the summer or hot garlic chutney in the winter, this condiment has a cultural and seasonal connection to our eating habits. So, here are 5 homegrown chutney brands that have mastered the art of crafting these flavorful accompaniments, each with its unique twist on traditional recipes and innovative flavour combinations.

Chutneys by Soul
Chutneys by SoulSoul


Soul offers a fusion of traditional flavors with a modern twist like Garlic, Date & Tamarind, Hot Mango, Schezwan, Coriander, and Mint chutneys. Their goal is to bring authentic global flavours to Indian kitchens, become the top choice for condiments and dips, capture the essence of each cuisine, and leave a lasting culinary impression.

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Chutneys by Peepal Essentials
Chutneys by Peepal EssentialsPeepal Essentials

Peepal Essentials

Peepal Essentials, embody the essence of traditional Indian flavors in their Coconut, Dhaniya Pudina, Tangy Imli, and Marwadi Lehsun chutneys. They take pride in preserving the heritage of authentic taste while ensuring premium quality with their homegrown products.

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Chutneys by Spice Story
Chutneys by Spice StorySpice Story

Spice Story

Inspired by the rich culinary traditions of India, Spice Story offers an extensive range of flavourful chutneys like Madras Coconut, Tangra Momos, Amma's Onion Tomato, and Indori Lemon. Spice Story aims to captivate your senses with their zesty creations, bringing every dish to life, whether it's a Samosa, Dahi Bhalla, Idli, or Paratha.

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Chutneys by Aamra
Chutneys by AamraAamra


Aamra, a women-led brand and an offshoot of Nari Shiksha Kendra (NSK), sells series of regional chutneys like Chettinad Garlic Coriander, Bengali Aam Kasundi, Nepali Chilli Tomato, Gujarati Nimbu Chunda, and more. Named after a Kolkata street snack, Aamra is known for their commitment to purity and craftsmanship.

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