Yavï’s Autumn-Winter 2022 Collection Represents A Solitary, Anthropomorphic Character

Yavï’s Autumn-Winter 2022 Collection Represents A Solitary, Anthropomorphic Character

‘Art and soul’ sums up the spirit of Yavï, a young, contemporary womenswear label established in 2016 by Yadvi Agarwal. The name translates to the conjoining of heavens with earth in Sanskrit and the brand reflects a similar union through its ethereal, artful designs and luxurious comfort. Yadvi’s lifelong fascination with textiles and fine art, coupled with her in-depth study of indigenous craft systems, has coalesced into the brand’s clothes that are playful and inventive, with an emphasis on easy wearability.

Fluid lines, modern silhouettes and smart, intricate details are the cornerstones of Yavï’s designs, and impressionism is its leitmotif. Through a gradual process of research and abstraction, the brand aims to continually develop unique textiles for the discerning; such as the label’s now-signature, hand-painted and digitized impressionist prints, and delicate & elaborate embroidery developed using one single thread.

The label’s textile jewellery and garments have been exhibited and sold at the Victoria and Albert Museum in the UK, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for its rare textile. Yavï retails out of luxe concept stores like Anaconda, Macondo Italy, Biba, Ikat, Kazak – Paris, Gallery Indigo – Bruges, and Wana Boutique – Spain to name a few across Europe. Anthropologie USA has rated the brand at their highest level of merchandise. Having made its debut in the fashion capitals, it is now slowly turning its gaze homeward.


Its latest autumn-winter 2022 collection is called ‘Up the rabbit hole’ and the campaign is conceptualized by Rhea Gupte, a visual artist, poet, photographer, creative director, writer and consultant based in Goa. The campaign portrays a sense of quiet joy, self-reflection and comfort, akin to the artist's state of mind. Shot in the vivid blue skies and lush greens of post-monsoon Goa, the images showcase a bright and cozy winter collection. In this campaign, Rhea has incorporated a solitary, leisurely, anthropomorphic character, thriving in the stillness of time. 'Up the Rabbit Hole' transports oneself into an emotional state of solitude, content and quiet confidence, where time is a friend and companion to be enjoyed.

My aim with this collection is to bring to life a story so unique that the clothes become a part of the liberating narrative. While speaking to Rhea, it all made sense to combine my work and inspiration and create a character which is fearless and self reflective.
Yadvi Agarwal, Founder - Yavï

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