Zero Tolerance's Latest Drop Blends Awadhi Embroidery With Modern Streetwear Motifs

Zero Tolerance's Latest Drop Blends  Awadhi Embroidery With Modern Streetwear Motifs

The multifaceted concept of home - from the physical buildings to the feeling of being at home in one’s body to finding home in the most unexpected people and places - is something we’ve collectively discussed through our features, here at Homegrown. We are a nostalgic bunch here, and we are constantly toying with the very construct around the notion of home and of being ‘homegrown’ and how it is ever-evolving. For designer Prakhar Rao, his label is a meditation on the many facets that make him, including his Lucknowi roots. 

For his label Zero Tolerance’s latest collection the concept of home and of ‘homecoming’ served as inspiration. The overarching narrative of the brand itself is about staying rooted in generational knowledge and celebrating the heritage and ancient crafts of his home. Through strong visuals and a cohesive narrative that runs through their editorial shoots, the brand  communicates the intention behind the pieces they craft through even their campaign images.

Zero Tolerance's Latest Drop Blends  Awadhi Embroidery With Modern Streetwear Motifs
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According to the lookbook, their notion of "Homecoming is more than just a collection; it's a tribute to the artisans and their centuries-old techniques that bring South-Asian heritage to life in the world of contemporary fashion.” Keeping a keen eye on design and thoughtful curation, the designs from the collection feature high-quality fabrics made in South India. With the rapt attention to detail and time-intensive process, each garment from the collection is a testament to their commitment towards preserving the 3000-year-old craftsmanship of the place they call home. 

The garments from this particular collection combine traditional Awadhi handworks like Ari and Zardozi from Lucknow, that is crafted on indigenous woven fabrics from across the nation. When paired with contemporary silhouettes fit for modern sensibilities, the pieces from ZTI truly make for an investment-worthy streetwear piece that captures the South Asian spirit. 

Prakhar went on to speak about the collection as a journey of self-exploration, while also pushing the boundaries of designing, all while championing the representation of South Asian identity in the global, contemporary fashion world. In working closely with artisans, they are showcasing the contemporaneity of these works and how they fit seamlessly well with modern design. Through their varied collections, Zero Tolerance is essentially working towards realising the potential of the realm of South Asian design and being a part of the attempt to redefine international representation of what Indian fashion constitutes. 

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