#HGDrop: Polite Society's Latest Collection Blends Classic Style With Modern Sensuality

Polite Society is part of a larger movement that is leading a fashion revolution for brands that draw inspiration from society itself.
Polite Society is part of a larger movement that is leading a fashion revolution for brands that draw inspiration from society itself.Polite Society

Provocativeness and defiance against the established ideas of conformity is something that has inspired fashion brand Polite Society’s founder Surmai Jain. From shifting her career from being a graphic designer to following her own path to starting a brand by learning the art of pattern making with experienced masters in Jaipur, she paved a way that is truly her own with Polite Society. With each new collection, the releases from the brand continue to go beyond trends and rather promote the values of community, culture, comfort and personal identity above all. Encouraging their patrons to defy the expected notions of being a quiet part of a ‘polite society’, the brand led by Surmai creates pieces that make a statement. 

The distinct ideology of Polite Society to challenge societal norms while appreciating global fashion culture comes through with each new collection they launch. The latest collection, Chapter V continues to question every ideal that the wider audience poses for the causes of blending in and being polite. With Chapter V, the brand brings together the precision of tailoring along with the imperfect beauty of deconstruction. They feature classic turn-of-the-century corsets in fabrics like denim, in the same breath as they do their 90s-inspired baby tees and naked Polite skirts. The collection according to the brand is “rooted in the essence of femininity, (and is) a testament to design innovation, seamlessly blending classic silhouettes with an edge of sensuality.” As is typical of their overall brand ethos, they have taken a sustainable approach towards their construction to create the Chapter V collection that balances timeless style with contemporary flair. 

Seeking to highlight the inherent power of femininity through their silhouettes, the Chapter V collection has pieces such as the Greasy Hand Painted Denim Pants and the Office Shirt Dresses. They are all equally striking on first appearance, but on closer examination, feature beautiful details including unconventional pleating and button placements, intricate pintucks, unique fastenings, or painted accents that add character to the attire. 

The instances of adding tiny details that add character to design are a testament to the close attention that is paid every step of the way to make Polite Society much more than a brand, and rather a school of thought or a way of living - of being unabashed in the power of femininity and the power of clothes in projecting an image that goes against the grain of what is socially acceptable and to disrupt it. With their approach to new luxury that goes beyond craftsmanship to include intention and encompass brand ideals and values, Polite Society is part of a larger movement that is leading a fashion revolution that draw inspiration from society itself, and Chapter V is a marker of these values that brands like Polite Society are bringing to a much larger narrative. 

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