Indian Label Rising Among Seamlessly Blends The Vibrant Cultures Of New York and Mumbai

Rising Among as a brand is a sartorial movement, an ode to self-expression, and an invitation to rise above the ordinary.
Rising Among as a brand is a sartorial movement, an ode to self-expression, and an invitation to rise above the ordinary.Rising Among

Laser cuts, textile panels, hand fraying, distressing, patches, boning, cut-out details, bungee cord tie-ups and much more, the pieces from Mumbai-based Streetwear Rising Among feature a multitude of different methods that go beyond the typical stitch and drape to create attire that is truly unique. Founded by the duo Riya Khanna and Amruta Behera, Rising Among writes a fashion narrative with each collection that blends the founders' audacious personalities and varying influences. The unifying influence perhaps is the two cities they both love and call home - New York and Mumbai. 

Established against the backdrop of the pandemic in 2020, the founders met each other in the hallowed corridors of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and today they create attire that seamlessly blends the street styles of the bustling metropolises of New York and Mumbai. This fusion of cultures birthed a unique aesthetic for the label that speaks to the conscious, free-spirited generation of India.

In their own words, "We are here to encourage individuals to start a conversation - about what they desire to 'Rise Among.' Streetwear should not be conformed to a box; rather, it should push boundaries that have not yet been surpassed." Rising Among stands out not just for its sartorial elegance but for the ethos it carries. The brand ensures inclusivity - offering a made-to-measure option that transcends traditional sizing norms. This thoughtful approach reflects the brand's commitment to creating a space where individuals can freely express themselves through their fashion choices.

The journey of Rising Among in the three years since its inception is peppered with noteworthy milestones. From being donned by leading Indian celebrities that range from Kayan to Karan Johar, to gracing the runways of Paris Fashion Week FW22 with their 'Untamed' collection and NYFW 2023 with their Homecoming collection, the brand has proven its mettle on a national and global scale. The Untamed collection that was featured at PFW was characterized by unbridled design details such as tie-dye bursts, fabric pleating, and drawstring pulls, encapsulating the raw essence of street style. As the brand returned to its roots with the 'Homecoming' collection at NYFW FW 2023, the label didn’t merely create garments; but rather crafted a love letter to New York City. Each piece is woven with memories, capturing the city's infectious energy that was an integral part of Riya and Amruta's journey.

The 'Homecoming' collection offers a glimpse into the soul of New York. It's an invitation to relive the stories shared over coffee, the awe-inspiring sunsets, and the chaos of rush hour on the subway - all encapsulated in fabric. The pieces in this collection are not just garments; they are postcards from New York, beckoning you to reconnect with the memories, feelings, and dreams that define your personal journey. The 'Homecoming' collection isn't just about wearing clothes; it's about wearing a piece of New York and, in turn, wearing a piece of yourself.

Among the standout pieces from the 'Homecoming' collection are the 'Taxi Top' in the iconic vibrant yellow, the ‘Soho Corseted Hoodie' that blends modern flair with the timeless charm of structure, the 'Contour Bodycon Dress' exuding confidence and city chic, and the trendsetting unisex 'Pleated Denims,' and the rebellious yet elegant 'Manhattan Mini' skirt.

Rising Among as a brand is a sartorial movement, an ode to self-expression, and an invitation to rise above the ordinary. Through their designs, Riya and Amruta create a medium for streetwear fashion enthusiasts to articulate their stories, dreams, and desires. Paying no heed to conformity, Rising Among stands tall and encourages everyone to rise, stand out, and be unapologetically themselves.

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