12 Indian Artists Pay Tribute To 'Bicycle Day' Through Their Psychedelic art

12 Indian Artists Pay Tribute To 'Bicycle Day' Through Their Psychedelic art
(L) Art by Kunel Gaur; Art by Osheen Shiva (R)

“I’ve always been curious about whether and how psychedelics influence the creative process,” says Sahil Arora, Founder of Method Art Gallery, Bandra, who is hosting a show from April 16 to 30 on psychedelic art, as an ode to the role that LSD has played in shaping contemporary art. LSD has been spoken about by countless artists, musicians and creators in general as a mind-opening substance that unleashes a different creative approach to the world we live in.

On April 19th, 1943 a Swiss Chemist took a bicycle ride that would change his life, and over the decades, the lives of countless others. Dr Albert Hoffman synthesised LSD – Lysergic Acid Diethylamide in 1938 as a medical stimulant for the circulatory and respiratory system. It wasn’t until 5 years later, on what is now called Bicycle Day, that he ingested a dose of LSD and took the (in)famous bike ride that revealed the psychedelic nature of the substance.

Art by Ruiningmagazines

Since then, the substance has been tested for it’s use in medicine and psychology but more prominently, and still illegally in most parts of the world, has been consumed as a psychedelic with hallucinogenic properties.

The impact of LSD on pop culture does not need to be written about. From The Beatles to Timothy Leary to Steve Jobs and everyone in between have spoken about their experiences with LSD.

Art by Sid G

This Bicycle Day, 2021 Method takes inspiration from the culture built around a controversial substance and celebrates it with works by 12 Indian artists.

Art by Tyler Street Art

The works will be printed on perforated blotting paper, as a homage to the medium through which the substance is consumed. The artworks will not be laced with LSD, the art itself though promises to be a psychedelic trip visually.

Art by Rema Chaudhary
Art by Kim Kaul
Art by thebigfatminimalist
Art by Priyesh Trivedi
Art by Tarini Sethi
Art by Rohan Joglekar

Venue: Method Art Gallery, Bandra

Date: April 16-30

To know more about the exhibition, check out their website here.

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