A Hand Painted Ambassador Moves Beyond Borders & Biases To Share The Message Of Acceptance

A Hand Painted Ambassador Moves Beyond Borders & Biases To Share The Message Of Acceptance
Param Sahib

We are all bound by societal structures such as borders, binaries and biases. These consume and often over power human existence as weights to be carried for the entire span of our lives. Dismantling such narratives, a recent visual project ‘Lahore se Dilli’ speaks about moving moved beyond these restrictions through the journey of acceptance and love.

The symbolic representation of the idea is manifested through a hand painted car which is the brainchild of Param Sahib, a renowned illustrator and artist who is known for his eccentric art and style. ‘Lahore se Dilli’ is the coming together of cultures and stories into an art installation curated by him. A hand-painted dream on four wheels, becoming a symbol of love and craft, that is carried from generations across limitless borders of identities.

The project is crafted with the purpose of celebrating India with design inspirations etched into each of its parts. Param meticulously painted his vision onto the metal canvas for four weeks with pop cultural references based on a maximalist palette. Inspired by the love and diversity of Delhi, the Ambassador model is also an ode to the city's love, identity and togetherness. 

Param Sahib

The unveiling of the project recently took place in the presence of other creatives where even the guests received a chance to paint a miniature model of the Ambassador, using unique inspirations to showcase their own passions. The event celebrated the vision represented through the hand-painted car; one of hope and a vibrant acceptance of self.

A project that took over two years to materialise and now acts as a messenger of Param’s ideas on the roads of the national capital. It gleams of craftsmanship through its intricate design patterns. It's a labour of love that brings joy to the streets of Delhi. 

You can check out the project here

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