A Homegrown Photo Series Weaving The Journey Of a Sari Across Three Generations

A Homegrown Photo Series Weaving The Journey Of a Sari Across Three Generations

For years, I’ve owned pieces of clothing in my wardrobe that have been passed down through generations. These hand-me-downs are perhaps what bridge the gaps between the past generations of my family and me. There is something to be said about how a piece of clothing can create such an inter-generational bond.

Exploring this form of fashion, individuality and inter-generational bond is 16-year-old New Delhi based artist Stutii Kumar whose latest photo series 3 Generations Wearing The Same Saree captures the beauty and grace of the saree through her grandmother, mom and herself. Stutii’s art is usually a reflection of her daily life, from addressing mental health issues to the connections she shares with the people around her and this photo series is no different.

“I came across a Sari that my dadi wore to my parent’s wedding about 25 years ago. I was keen on understanding how it changes with time. While the fabric remains the same, the way it’s worn and carried changes as the generations pass.” said Stutii.

She added further that “I dressed three generations of my family in the same Sari to convey the individuality each generation holds while showing the significance of the fabric in an Indian household. A sari is one of the most essential pieces of clothing in an Indian woman’s closet and the way its gifted forward down the family only highlights it’s beauty and significance.”

You can checkout Stutii’s work here.

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