Attend A Mumbai Art Festival Aiming To Revitalise A Community & Nurture Young Talent

Attend A Mumbai Art Festival Aiming To Revitalise A Community & Nurture Young Talent
Govandi Arts Festival

Govandi, one of the most densely populated and polluted areas of Mumbai, the city of dreams, has been living in the shadows for very long. The lack of sanitation and cramped housing has impacted the livelihood of the residents during the pandemic. However, despite its challenges, Govandi is brimming with talent that seeks a chance to express itself. 

The Govandi Arts Festival will be one step in the direction of celebrating the neighbourhood and giving access, exposure and agency to the artists coming out of this area. The six months of artistic mentorship is Supported by the British Council, as part of the ‘India/UK Together, a Season of Culture’; celebrating the bilateral relationship, friendship and vibrant cultural bonds between the two countries. 

“Govandi is a neighbourhood often identified by its structural inadequacies but it is home to a vibrant community that continues to thrive and find joy because of their sheer resilience. Govandi Arts Festival is an incredible opportunity for the people of Govandi to define themselves and create their own identity which is rooted in their culture, beliefs, talents and way of life. This will lead to a significant shift in the public perception of the neighbourhood and its people.”

Co-Curator Bhawna Jaimini

The festival seeks to achieve two overarching goal. First, it aims to provide the youth with access to high-quality artistic mentorship and a public platform to express themselves joyfully; without minimising their lived experiences. The second is to use art as a gateway for those outside the neighbourhood to understand its human joys and complexities while washing away entrenched stigma and judgement. 

By reimagining the streets of Govandi through the lens of creative urbanism, their mission is to nurture more inclusive, sustainable and liveable neighbourhoods. The community project could also use support from the public.You can find more information about the ongoing festival and mentorship program here

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