Capturing The Year Gone By, ‘A Still Year Zine’ Aims To Raise Funds For Covid Relief

Capturing The Year Gone By, ‘A Still Year Zine’ Aims To Raise Funds For Covid Relief

The second wave of COVID-19 definitely feels like a fever dream we would all love to wake up from. The reality differs and that means that there are still many that could do with some collective help. Everyone is trying to find new ways of helping and amongst those is Bombay-based photographer Tito, whose latest zine consisting of portraits called ‘A Still Year Zine,’ is an attempt to raise funds for the Hemkunt Foundation that has been working tirelessly to provide oxygen to covid patients.

Shedding light on how the project came about, Tito says, “Towards the end of December 2020, I had met up with a couple of my friends for solo portrait sessions. During the sessions, we also sat down to talk about the challenges they had faced since the start of the pandemic. These images as well as their words gave birth to the zine - ‘A Still Year’. The original intent of the zine was for it to serve as a memento, hoping that the bad days were behind us. I finished editing the zine around February this year, not knowing that worse times were going to be coming very soon.”

While the project with vibrant portraits came about as a way of memorialising an incredibly tough year, it can now also help give certain people a new lease on life.

The 32-page offset printed uncoated paper zine is prized at INR 350 with an INR 100 shipping across India. 100% of the funds raised will be going towards @hemkunt_foundation. You can purchase the zine by sending an Instagram DM to Tito along with the number of copies you wish to purchase.

Collaborators On The Project:

In Collaboration With: @trikkon_books and @indraprasth_printer

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