Explore Mumbai’s Typography & Identity Through This Exhibition At The Kala Ghoda Art Fair

Explore Mumbai’s Typography & Identity Through This Exhibition At The Kala Ghoda Art Fair

Typography structures the very paradigm of visual communication. There are endless permutations of grid and typeface that can be experimented with to communicate an idea. It is the integration of language with art, and from establishing brands to communicating ideas and narratives, creatives across the world are using appealing and bold typefaces and palettes to establish brand presence and reach a wider magnitude of individuals. The Indian typography space is even more unique because there is a plethora of subtext that can be reconfigured to create endless variations. Our country is native to 150 languages spoken by a sizeable population. Multiple cultures relate to different typefaces and hence, local studios need to keep the context in mind. The overall graphical identity of our country and city is an amalgamation of different languages, grids, and colours that are layered to represent a sentiment so very diverse and heterogeneous.

This year, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival has selected 15 graphic design studios to collaborate and comment on typography in India via their work. The curation focuses on celebrating Mumbai and exploring Mumbai’s identity. Art and typography mirror an existing mindset and hence, are always evolving as one’s mindset evolves. Experience the identity and narrative of today’s urban fabric at the David Sassoon Library, the foyer of the Army and Navy Building, Filter, and the design shop at Kala Ghoda, curated by Alok Nanda, where our homegrown studios and creatives highlight their work and perspective. The diversity in representation and quality in technique is outstanding and the exhibitions stand testament to the journey of typography in the Indian subculture.

Alok Nanda of the Alok Nanda and Company, wanted to celebrate twenty years of his studio by giving back to the community with the Kala Ghoda festival with his curation, ‘Celebrating the City’. This curation is spread across three venues and thirty exhibits till February 9. From Dabbawala by Kudrat Pardiwala to Xerox by Sameer Kulavoor, diverse curations can be experienced across these venues. Thematic representations of Mumbai’s identity and the various places and idiosyncrasies that make this city unique are explored within the paradigm of typography and graphic design.

The exhibition is curated by ANC

When: 1st - 9th February

Where: Army Navy Building foyer, David Sassoon Library, and Filter Kala Ghoda

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