Inside A Dedicated Sexual Health Clinic Aiming To Destigmatize Indian Sexual Wellness

Allo is aiming to destigmatize Indian sexual wellness
Allo is aiming to destigmatize Indian sexual wellness Allo Health

Sex, sexual health and sex education remain a taboo in India- further stigmatising conversations and leaving sexual health needs of millions unfulfilled. However a number of new-age homegrown organisations and communities are currently creating awareness about sexual health and normalising sexual wellness conversations in India. In this wave of better sensitivity and understanding, the country is also welcoming its first digital clinic dedicated to sexual wellness. 

Allo Health is an online platform, offering confidential and non-judgmental services to people seeking science-backed solutions for their sexual health. The clinic will be led by a dedicated team of sexual medicine doctors, psychosexual therapists, sex educators and other wellness professionals who can provide scientifically accurate and reliable information on topics across the gamut of sex, pleasure, wellness, reproductive health, sexual health, mental health and allied areas. 

WHO recognises sexual health as a fundamental aspect of a person’s health that impacts both social & economic development of countries. Hence the digital clinic will be bridging a gap and breaking the vicious circle of misinformation & untreated health conditions. Allo Health has a unique mission & vision to make reliable sexual health accessible & affordable as well as to normalise sexual health & wellness conversations in India. 

Allo’s treatment approach is a combination of holistic evaluation, personalised treatment and continuous ongoing care. Over the last year they have worked relentlessly to provide accurate & reliable sex ed using digital platforms such as online guidebooks, a podcast & free q&a platform.

You can find more information about their digital clinic and even book an online consultation here

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