Less Consumerist, More Conscious: Sustainable Furniture Companies On Our Radar

Less Consumerist, More Conscious: Sustainable Furniture Companies On Our Radar

The Indian furniture market was US$ 17.77 Billion in 2020 and is expected to exponentially grow at a tremendous rate of 12% by 2026 according to a survey. Up until a few years back, our consumption patterns have always been dictated by current trends and use and furthering an unethical lifestyle.

However, coming out of the pandemic has urged us to slow down and inculcate a sustainable ethos that goes beyond our diet and fashion choices. Eco-friendly furniture is the latest hack to make your design choices conscious. Our purchases and tastes keep on evolving and so do living spaces which are a direct reflection of our individual selves.

We’ve all been through the regular loop of wanting new furniture, buying it and then replacing it!

The question remains, how can we make our consumer patterns more sustainable? Homegrown recommends switching to these sustainable furniture brands that put eco-creativity first and allow you to furnish your space consciously!

I. SĀR Studio

Rituals is an ongoing radical collection of Sar Pune’s range of everyday objects that serve Indian heritage and identity resulting in a larger idea of cultural references enmeshed in understated designs.

From kitchenware to body and bath to workspace to lighting, Sar Pune characterizes its range of everyday objects with strong elements of Indian heritage and identity. Each object is revisited, celebrated and re-explored for its relevance to today’s global citizens. The contemporary furniture label takes cultural references that make design relevant to how we live today; creating objects of essence that are made to last beyond trends.

Sar’s motto? ‘Rethink, repurpose, and reinvent’. Nikita Bhate, the founder of Sar Studio revealed in an interview, “Each piece from the label grows along with the buyer as it has an upgradation option built into it, whether in terms of size, functionality, or appearance. A limited batch production system and a standard design process allow the manufacturer to be left until they have an order for a certain piece.”

View the label here.

II. Eco Deco

Eco Deco is the perfect stop for shoppers with a conscience. The company seeks to up-cycle the post-consumer plastic waste and innovate products of utility and décor. Aiming to reduce virgin plastic consumption and unnecessary wood waste, the label’s range of furniture is made of recycled wood regarded as post-processing waste. Providing a rustic yet elegant range of furniture, Eco Deco creates beauty from waste in a conscious way.

View the label here.

III. Rhizome

Reviving the love for bamboo objects and furniture in the Indian market is Rhizome, a sustainable design studio integrating elemental beauty and functionality into statement pieces of utilitarian furniture. The studio works at the intersection of craft, design and sustainability that goes beyond eco-design to look at sustainability holistically.

With a staunch belief that design was ideally positioned to be a powerful game-changer in the world’s sustainability story, sculptural chairs, modern tables and sleek benches from the studio’s latest collection pack a certain kind of timeless elegance and modernity.

View the label here.

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