‘Memoirs Of A Boy’ Captures A Small Town Boy’s Big Dreams

‘Memoirs Of A Boy’ Captures A Small Town Boy’s Big Dreams
Devesh Pant

At some point in our lives, we have all wished to go back in time to revisit our childhood or a bygone era that meant the world to us –– to experience an event, relish a sight or even feel a certain emotion. With no power to do such a thing, we resort to the power of our memories.

Devesh Pant’s photoseries ‘Memoirs Of A Boy’ is an attempt at capturing the same will to return to a certain place and time. Set in Nainital in the ‘70s, the coherent string of pictures encapsulates the wishes of a young boy of creating his own legacy, while trying to maintain his humility and love for the hills that surround him. In all fairness, it is much like the story of most individuals trying to make it in the world –– with roots and heart in one place, and ambitions in another.

Along the same lines, Devesh says, “The valley and his dreams, both stand the test of time as he thrives to excel in the world. His heart keeps going back to his youth and the simpler joys of life every once in a while.”

Memoirs Of A Boy

A sucker for regional culture and tradition, Devesh is inspired by his general observation of people and their mannerisms –– much of which reflects in this photoseries. With his spot-on styling and his team’s impeccable contributions, ‘Memoirs Of A Boy’ is what it is today –– reminiscent, relatable and pleasant.

Memoirs Of A Boy
Memoirs Of A Boy

Photographers: Darshan Pandey and Ashish Allen

Hair & Makeup: Diva Rawat | Renuka Daval

Styling and direction: Devesh Pant

Assisted by: Gaurangi Pant

Production: Puru Khani and Ayushman Bisht

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