'Soul Quilts' Channel The Warmth & Legacy Of Departed Loved Ones Using Their Belongings

Soul Quilts
Soul Quilts Farah Ahmad

Grief moves us in ways no other emotion can, it is omnipresent in all our experiences and leaves an enduring mark on our lives. It is understood that the emotional suffering is layered and hence can be manifested in unique ways when trying to cope with the loss. Each different phase of grief brings a new opportunity to understand our internal void and for independent entrepreneur Farah Ahmad, it meant confronting the pain creatively. 

As the Delta wave of Covid-19 took over the nation back in 2021, innumerable families lost their loved ones, creating an atmosphere of despair. At this time, Farah tested positive, as did her mother and brother, who both eventually passed away from complications of the virus. Devastated by this loss, she struggled to cope with the overwhelming hopelessness. However, the young creative became a vision of fortitude and resilience when she decided to channel her grief through the act of upcycling. 

Soul Quilts
Soul Quilts Farah Ahmad

Founder of Sweet Root, Farah originally started the company back in 2013 with the idea to create memory quilts for mothers using the outgrown clothing and other items of their babies. During the pandemic, as she sifted through the clothes of her mother and brother, Farah refused to let them be forgotten and instead found an alternate route of archiving their belongings. She repurposed their clothing to craft keepsakes in the form of quilts that could immortalise their presence in a physical sense. 

This venture was further extended to other individuals grappling with loss; utilising the everyday items of their loved one that would otherwise simply sit in an old cupboard and instead making usable items that can be integrated in their daily life. Farah named these personal treasures ‘Soul Quilts’ and continues to create them to help others cope with their grief.

By investing in their story, she is able to make a deeper connection with her clients. Her understanding of their relationship with their departed family member allows her to best capture their spirit; providing a reminder of the warmth and the joy that they brought to the world and the lives of their loved ones.

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