South Asia Archive Explores The Identities & Heritage Of Lesser-Known Cultural Groups

South Asia Archive
South Asia ArchiveSouth Asia Archive

The generalised perception of the South Asian identity often fails to capture the nuances and the vast diversity between different communities. While every country in the subcontinent is unique, even at a national level they further differ on the basis of religion, ethnicity, customs and traditions. When moving through the region, one would notice how they are welcomed into a distinct culture at every step of the way.  

However there is a major lack of documentation beyond the most popular communities, which is why the global representation has always been limited to certain individuals. Breaking away from this cycle, an independent archive is diving into the heritage of the South Asian community as a whole, giving special consideration to smaller groups and dissecting their heritage as well as their present identity. 

The archive highlights indigenous practices of adornment and discusses their relevance within the community. They also tend to explore visual photo series that are aimed at mobilising individuals or to create awareness around an issue. Many families share their unique struggles with identity and these stories not only cater to their trauma but to the resilience of South Asians who have continued to foster courage as well a community spirit despite all odds. 

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