This Well Designed and Convenient Housing Brand Will Make Your Student Life Easier

This Well Designed and Convenient Housing Brand Will Make Your Student Life Easier
Fabien Charau

If you are studying in a college, far away from home, the people that you live with, often become your family away from home. Sometimes, even when you are living in dilapidated hostel rooms with the worst possible food imaginable, the time spent there is considered the best time of your life. While the memories we take back are priceless, there is a chance that hostel life or shared dormitories can pull your focus from your education.

For students who would like to focus on maximizing their potential, there is the need for housing that provides the right environment for them to learn and grow, while still finding a good group of friends who push them to be better. In India, even with a large number of students living away from home for their higher education, the only options for housing are limited to campus housing, private hostels and paying guest formats and all of these come with their problems.

Tribe student accommodation is a Pune based initiative that looks at student housing differently and calls themselves a premium student housing brand. They provide amenities for students that make their lives easier so that they can focus on doing what they came to do – study. The brand refers to their accommodations as “an ideal environment for the all-round development of students.”

This venture was modeled after many of the best students accommodation services abroad, that the founder’s sons experienced during their education abroad. The company co-founder Yogesh Mehra says, “The vision for this asset class is to provide holistic living for all students.” He hopes that India with its premier educational institutes can become more of an educational hub if there are more initiatives like Tribe Accommodation that provide services that help the overall experience of career aspiring students in the nation.

By providing high quality, secure, hygiene, and well-designed student housing, they hope to improve the student life quality and to provide peace of mind for both students and parents. Through their activities and common areas, they still try to ensure that there is a community feeling among the students that reside together in their venues by unwinding and striving for more together. The facilities they offer range from a keyless and cashless campus to laundry facilities, housekeeping, gym, air-conditioned rooms with en-suite bathrooms to a 24x7 cafe, entertainment zones and study areas and even hope to host job fairs and counseling. For ensuring safety, the campuses are CCTV enables and have access control systems with RFID bands that track students and can be used instead of using keys. They also have a dedicated floor for the female students accessible only by them and have female security and housekeeping staff as well. They also have an on-campus emergency and medical services.

Their first venue was launched in Viman Nagar, Pune with 194 beds and they are currently in the process of launching a girls only accomodation in Mumbai. They are hoping to venture to other university towns and cities such as Indore, Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Chennai soon.

If you are a student in Pune, looking for accommodation that makes your life easier and adds to your growth as a student, Tribe Accommodation might be able the space for you. You can know more about them at their website or on their Instagram.

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