An Indian Duo Is Sustainably Upcycling Cigarette Butts

An Indian Duo Is Sustainably Upcycling Cigarette Butts
Code Efforts

Of the many, many ill practices leading all things horrifying including pollution, climate change, low standard of living, and more, one menace always seems to stay –– the incessant and unthoughtful disposal of cigarette butts.

This is where the organisation, Code Effort Private Limited by Naman Gupta and Vishal Kanet comes into play. Realising the sheer volume of cigarette butts that are discarded each day, the two set out to create a long-overdue solution. The nature of the cigarette butt is non-biodegradable, owing to its plastic-like makeup of cellulose acetate.

So here’s how Code takes care of the three components –– the cellulose acetate, the paper covering, and the leftover tobacco.

The cellulose acetate is shredded, chemically treated using a biodegradable chemical composition, and turned into premium products like toys, home decor, handicrafts, etc. The paper covering and the tobacco are shredded and turned into mosquito repellents and manure.

The team places ‘VBins’ at local shops to collect cigarette butts and also pays an amount to the vendor to procure them. They also accept reject products from tobacco manufacturers. Additionally, the organisation also fosters empowerment among women, who are employed to prepare and pack the resultant products.

Code Efforts is a classic example of turning a problem into an opportunity. Not only do they work toward creating a safer, cleaner, and healthier environment for those in India, they also generate additional income and employment for those who could use it.

Delhi, Gurugram, and Noida can avail of their VBin services and set up their collection bins in residential, commercial, or hospitality spaces. One can also individually collect and sell cigarette butts to them.

As they bring together technology and an aim to do good, we urge you to support them and purchase their goods here.

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