The Urge To Purge: De-Clutter Your Space With These Homegrown Organisational Services

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Unless you’re a complete neat-freak most of us, me included, live in a space of perpetual clutter. It is not that we want to, it’s just that clutter has an annoying habit of building up. We all have that one chair in our bedroom, or that one drawer in the kitchen that is impossible to clear, no matter how hard we try and no matter how many organisers from Ikea we buy.

However, clutter is not just piles of things building up around you. Numerous studies have confirmed that there is a link between excessive clutter and declining mental health, which contributes to anxiety and depression, leading to insomnia and a whole host of other issues.

When Marie Kondo released her book on tidying up in 2010 it was still a niche idea to ‘de-clutter’. It was meant for families that had ‘too much’ and wanted to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. But nine years later in 2019, the de-cluttering movement had well and truly taken off, putting Kondo squarely in the centre of it all with her numerous books and a Netflix show. Organisers across the world started their own de-cluttering businesses, helping people tidy their spaces in a manner that worked best for them; boosting confidence, reducing stress, and largely contributing to a happier and more peaceful life. And India is no different. Here are five fantastic home organisation services that you can hire to help de-clutter your home.

I. Sorted Homes
Inspired by Marie Kondo, Karishma Khanna founded Mumbai-based Sorted Homes after she quit her job in advertising to become a certified professional organiser. Sorted Homes believes that everything in your home should have a purpose and that it should either make you happy or serve a use. They can be hired to clean anything from your bedroom to the large stack of 10th-grade school papers you have lying around. They also donate your usable toys and clothes to NGOs and hospitals on your behalf, and work pan-India!

Get in touch with them here.

II. Organise With Ease by Rohini
Founded by Rohini Rajagopalan, Organise With Ease is currently one of India’s top decluttering services. Rajagopalan (who lives a minimalistic lifestyle herself) and her team have organised over 100 home and office spaces to create an organisation system that works differently for each customer. Her systems are easy to maintain and work well in the long run. They operate in various cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Pune.
Get in touch with them here.

III. The Sort Story
From relocation to downsizing to virtual consults, this pan-India firm offers a variety of de-cluttering and organisation services. If you’re not ready to commit to a full-fledged home organisation process yet, follow their handy tips on Instagram to see how you can make little adjustments that will help you de-clutter in the long run.

Check them out here.

IV. Neat It Up

For folks in Delhi, Chandigarh and Punjab, Neat It Up is your go-to de-cluttering service. Neat It Up sources organise products for you so you don’t have to do it yourself. They help organise everything from wardrobes to kitchen cabinets. Environmentally conscious, their aim is to help you realise that de-cluttering goes beyond just organising and to help people reject spending habits that lead to more clutter.
Find them here.

V. Joy Factory

India’s first ever KonMari Method certified consultant Gayatri Gandhi launched the de-cluttering company Joy Factory along with her partner Neetika Pahwa. The KonMari method is a time-consuming one, from categorising them into separate piles, and then inspecting each one to see if it sparks joy. If not, out it goes. You do it one time in one big go and then do smaller versions each subsequent month and organise the remaining items in a way that does not lead to more clutter. They work across India and even have a location in the UAE.

Get in touch here.

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