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A New Range Of Eco-Friendly Swimwear Is Cleaning Up Our Oceans

A leather substitute that’s made from the leaves of the pineapple plant (Piñatex®), jeans made from banana fibre or versatile coffee yarn that can be used to craft sportswear or household items - the staggering impact of bad-for-the-environment fabrics is forcing innovation within the fashion industry. By substituting fibres like polyester, nylon or viscose with these, brand are expanding their sustainability stories to include sourcing of fabrics as well - both globally and within the country. Take, for instance, Indian ethical Bangalore-based fashion brand The Summer House. Their ‘About Us’ states that “We have made a choice to say no to the easy way of sourcing materials”, instead using yarns and fabrics that do not “abuse the earth”. Each of their collections rings true to this mission and is marked by the absence of chemical dyes, the use of GOTS-certified organic cotton only and new-age fibre TENCEL® that is made from wood pulp. Their latest launch is no exception.

The Summer House’s high-quality swimwear made from Econyl, touted a ‘sea-changing fabric’, is now on our wishlist. Available in three different colours (sunny yellow, teal blue and black) and three distinct styles, this collection of one-pieces and bikinis has us dreaming of the beach and a more sustainable future all at the same time. Every year, 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear are left in the sea (nets, fishing lines and ropes), to remain there for years and years. This results in the tragic depletion of the ocean’s vibrant marine life, killing 100,00 animals each year. Econyl was invented by an Italian company as a response to the massive accumulation of nylon waste in the world’s oceans. All of this fishing gear is harvested from the ocean, regenerated as a raw material and then transformed into fabric through the process of polymerization. This high-quality fabric is then sourced by The Summer House and crafted into stunning pieces that you’re going to want to carry on your next Goa trip.

It’s that time of the year again - Instagram, Facebook and every other form of social media is flooded with happy photographs of travellers soaking up the sun, sand and sea at India’s most popular beach destination. There’s no better time than the beginning of the year to think of the impact of human waste on our oceans and commit to a more conscious holiday - starting with the right bikini!

You can shop their entire collection here.

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