Gully Labs x Yatin Srivastava's New Collection Pays Homage To The Legendary Virgil Abloh

'The Traveller' is a celebration of material excellence.
'The Traveller' is a celebration of material excellence. Gully Labs

The late multi-hyphenate visionary designer Virgil Abloh changed the way we perceive art in many ways. His vision for fashion was one that bridged the gap between classic design and contemporary trends. He believed that fashion should reflect the times and be inclusive for all. This was evident during his appointment as the first Black artistic director of Louis Vuitton, a move that shattered racial barriers in the luxury fashion industry. Starting with the designer's idea of the "Tourist" vs "The Purist", homegrown artist Yatin Srivastava wanted to create something that fell at the “center point of the venn diagram of both these concepts.”

In collaboration with the Indian sneaker brand Gully Labs, the artist came up with ‘The Traveller’, a limited edition collection of 48 pairs of shoes. It's the centre point of an exploration into an expansive intersection of design and art. The shoes are distinguished by three differently stitched colourways: Fantasia Pink, Icey Blue, and Stardawg Green. These colourways pay homage to the heritage of Indian fashion by using the Kantha technique, which originates from Bengal.

The construction of The Traveller is a celebration of material excellence. The upper section of the shoe is crafted from a combination of soft nappa and grain leather, offering a luxurious touch that envelops the foot. The center of the shoe boasts supple lambskin, while the back is adorned with patent croc leather, creating a triad of textures that exude sophistication. Inside, the breathable black leather lining, padded with high-density foam, ensures comfort without compromising on style. The extra light EVA soles also provide a feather-light step, making each stride effortless.

While talking about his vision for The Traveller, Yatin says, “With this entire project and collaboration, I wanted to make a shoe that would not just be something that's futuristic looking or really out there. I wanted to create a new center point, a new cannon for everyone to be a part of. Not only was this the approach to the design of the shoe, but also to every single aspect of this collaboration. I wanted to create this unique blend of Streetwear and High Fashion, something that I traverse on a daily basis, in an attempt to create a uniform/staple. This is the reason for the combination of three of the highest qualities of real leathers and also the lightest possible EVA sole with a double padded sole top. The Traveller was made to subvert your expectations but also surprise you in ways you'd never think of at the same time!” 

With The Traveller the experience is more than aesthetic — it's a tangible connection to a rich cultural heritage, an expression of individual identity, and a stride towards a future where art and fashion converge.

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