Ugly Cupid’s Genderless Jewellery Blends Cybersigilism With Folklore & Sci-Fi Motifs
Ugly Cupid

Ugly Cupid’s Genderless Jewellery Blends Cybersigilism With Folklore & Sci-Fi Motifs

The world of tattoos is constantly evolving, and a trend that has recently taken root is cyber sigilism. This style, characterized by its sharp lines, dark aesthetics, and a blend of futuristic and organic shapes, offers a fresh take on the traditional tribal tattoo. Emerging alongside the resurgence of Y2K trends, cyber sigilism reflects our digital age, with the word 'cyber' referencing technology and 'sigilism' hinting at the symbolic and potentially magical qualities these intricate designs hold.

Cyber sigilism tattoos boast a distinct avant-garde look. The intricate patterns are often described as both futuristic and mystical, creating a unique visual language. While the meaning behind each tattoo is personal, the style itself draws inspiration from various sources beyond traditional tribal symbolism. Elements of nature, art references, and even characters from pop culture can be incorporated, all tied together by the signature cyber sigilism aesthetic.

This modern interpretation of tribal art finds a captivating counterpart in the handcrafted jewelry of Ugly Cupid. Founded in September 2021 by Tania Laffaru, this Delhi-based brand takes a similar approach, merging seemingly disparate elements to create a truly unique style.

Ugly Cupid's pieces embody the spirit of cyber sigilism, utilizing the same silver, pointed patterns that evoke a gothic edge. However, Laffaru masterfully juxtaposes this with the softness of pearls and gemstones, reflecting a core theme of the brand: the duality of existence.

Laffaru's background plays a significant role in her artistic vision. Growing up in a small town in Arunachal Pradesh, India, she developed a deep sense of resourcefulness and an unwavering creative spirit. As Laffaru herself told Grazia magazine, "There were no malls, art classes or workshops within a 50-mile are forced to get creative." This DIY ethos resonates in Ugly Cupid's handcrafted pieces, each one a testament to Laffaru's ingenuity.

Inspired by folklore, myths, and science fiction, Ugly Cupid's jewelry caters to all genders, reflecting a sense of inclusivity that aligns with the broader appeal of cyber sigilism tattoos. Both the art form and the jewelry brand celebrate a modern mysticism, a unique blend of technology, personal symbolism, and a touch of the fantastical.

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