L: Stills from Sazo's new collection R: Paintings from APRE Art House's exhibition — 'Amano Iwato'
This Week In CultureL: Sazo R: APRE Art House

This Week In Culture: Authentic Naga Food In Mumbai, Sazo’s New Sister, & Much More

We're finally arriving at the tail end of summer. It was hard but we got through it. I'm proud of us. Heat like this is criminal. The sun needs to write an essay on habitable temperatures on the planet. But for now, we can finally breathe in the anticipation of petrichor as we wait for the monsoon. And what great weather to wait for; not that I'm season-shaming. Or am I?

The rain has forever been our stimulus for melancholia before Ryan Gosling from Drive was a thing. The longing, the drama, the hot snacks and chai; listening to raindrops hit the ground and the white noise to put us to a comatose sleep, the monsoon is the best thing to happen to us after the last few sweltering months we've had. Sure, you won't be able to get out as much but who cares? Stay in, get cozy, and go through our culture bulletin for this week. There are a lot of incredible artists doing incredible things across the country. Here's what caught our eye:


Paintings from APRE Art House's exhibition —'Amano Iwato'
APRE Art House

Amano Iwato At APRE Art House In Mumbai

'Amano Iwato' dives deep into the relationship between humans and nature, inspired by the classic Japanese myth of the sun goddess, Amaterasu. But it doesn't stop there: they also explore the story of the Indian sun god, Surya Dev, showing the connections between these two cultures. Expect a mind-blowing mix of artwork, from watercolors and sculptures to photographs by some seriously talented Indian artists. It's not just a history lesson, Amano Iwato challenges us to think about how we view the environment today. Are we doomed or can we make a difference? This exhibition won't give you all the answers, but it'll definitely get you questioning the stories we tell ourselves about nature. The exhibition opens June 8 at APRE Art House in Mumbai.

Check it out here.


A poster and stills for ThirumaLi's ‘Thericho’ music video.
TherichoSamuel Henry

'Thericho' By ThirumaLi

ThirumaLi's new song is here to blow your mind! Forget mellow vibes, this track by producer Jay Stellar is a full-on assault on the senses, featuring pounding beats, electrifying Malayalam rhymes, and heaps of cultural pride. It's pure adrenaline from the opening bars, which are a mix of pulsating EDM and classic hip-hop swagger that wouldn't feel out of place on a Kanye West album. The rapping? Fierce. ThirumaLi weaves cultural references with raw confidence, power, and an emotion depth that's palpable, even if you don't speak Malayalam. The music video is a battle cry come to life with breakneck editing and vivid animation inspired by Fight Club's raw energy. It's brutal, beautiful, and perfectly captures the song's fighting spirit.

Check it out here.


Naga Belly

Naga Belly

Craving an adventure for your taste buds? Dive into Naga cuisine at Naga Belly, a hidden gem in Andheri. This restaurant offers a fiery explosion of flavors balanced with unique fermented ingredients. Homegrown loves the smoky meats, fragrant dishes like Axone Chicken Wings and Smoked Pork Anishi, and the Prawn & Mushroom cooked without oil. Founded by two passionate friends, this restaurant promises to whisk you away to Nagaland.

Check it out here.

The Bombay Canteen

'Ode To Home' By Bombay Canteen

Foodies unite! Bombay Canteen's 'Ode To Home' isn't just a meal, it's a cultural adventure. Travel the world on your plate with the first edition featuring Singaporean restaurant Tambi's innovative South Indian-Korean fusion. Michelin-starred chefs will prepare masterpieces like Japchae Kimmari and Beef Tartare Appalam, with each dish telling a story of heritage and tradition. Celebrate diversity through this exploration of global flavors, from fiery kimchi to comforting roti. Don't miss this culinary adventure like no other on June 8 and 9!

Check it out here.


Campaign images featuring models wearing all black and white denim outfits from the label Us Not Us by Sazo and their latest collection 'Lights Out'

Us Not Us By Sazo

Sazo's got a brand new surprise – a sister label called Us Not Us! It's a total switch-up from their usual colorful prints, one that offers a monochrome collection that still has all their signature whimsy. Think black denim jackets with quirky details, contrasting stitching of their playful prints, and even pants with hand embroidery and monster patches. It's dark, it's fun, and it's still totally Sazo — with a twist.

Check it out here.


The women of Tiny Miracles doing their thing.
What's most refreshing about the series is the way it subverts culturally entrenched stereotypes of what women are expected to do in society.Rohit Bijoy for Tiny Miracles

The Women Of Tiny Miracles

Love seeing strong women having a blast? Check out Rohit Bijoy's photoseries for Tiny Miracles! It's a celebration of female joy and playfulness; capturing moments of ice cream bliss, artistic expression, and even a playful middle finger to societal expectations. These beautiful pics remind us that women deserve to have fun, be goofy, and express themselves freely – just like everyone else! Let's break down those social norms and embrace authenticity; one photo at a time.

Check it out here.