5 Indian Films That Depict The Joys, Struggles, & Complexities Of South Asian Motherhood
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5 Indian Films That Depict The Joys, Struggles, & Complexities Of South Asian Motherhood

Motherhood has been attempted to be captured in so many ways over the years that the experience itself now remains a mirage understood by only those who go through it. No matter what kind of relationship you have with your mother, as you grow up you start to realize that it doesn't matter if it was good or bad, intrinsically it's a dynamic that's behind your hard-wired identity dictating how you perceive yourself and your interpersonal relationships for your whole life.

The intersection of identity, legacy, and nurture in the role of a mother has never been more profound. It's about embracing the journey of self-discovery while nurturing the next generation, managing the pressures of societal expectations and self-imposed standards, and carving out a sense of identity amidst a sea of opinions and influences. Homegrown's curated selection of films celebrating motherhood resonates deeply with these themes; offering a poignant exploration of the joys, struggles, and complexities that define the essence of motherhood in today's world

1. Darlings

Homegrown Films on Motherhood
Homegrown Films on MotherhoodQuora

Darlings intricately explores the theme of motherhood through the lens of a mother-daughter relationship seeking vengeance through a meticulously planned strategy. The film delves into the complexities of motherhood as Badrunissa, a soon-to-be mother, navigates the turbulent dynamics with her daughter amidst domestic abuse and generational trauma. The film portrays the unwavering solidarity between mother and daughter, highlighting their shared strength and determination to break free from the cycle of violence. It captures the protective instincts and sacrifices of motherhood, showcasing how their bond empowers them to confront societal prejudices and navigate adversity together.

2. Nil Battey Sannata

Homegrown Films on Motherhood
Homegrown Films on MotherhoodPrime Video

Nil Battey Sannata is a poignant exploration of motherhood and the intrinsic value of dreams in shaping human lives. The film revolves around Chanda, a hardworking mother striving to provide a better future for her daughter, Apeksha. Chanda's relentless efforts to inspire her daughter academically, despite the challenges of their modest lifestyle, highlight the deep bond between mother and child. The film's narrative delves into complex themes of ambition, sacrifice, and familial dynamics, portraying a realistic yet inspirational journey of a modern mother-daughter relationship.

3. Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway

Homegrown Films on Motherhood
Homegrown Films on MotherhoodEast Mojo

Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway delves into the harrowing theme of maternal love and the relentless fight of a mother whose children are unjustly taken away by the Norwegian Child Welfare system. Based on a true story, the film follows Debika Chatterjee (portrayed by Rani Mukerji), a mother torn apart from her kids due to alleged improper parenting. Amidst a flawed system and societal scrutiny, Debika's struggle to reunite with her children becomes a poignant portrayal of motherhood's unwavering strength and resilience.

4. Badhaai Ho

Homegrown Films on Motherhood
Homegrown Films on MotherhoodDisney Hotstar

Badhaai Ho delves into the theme of unexpected motherhood and the dynamics it brings to a middle-class family. The film follows the Kaushik family in Delhi, where Priyamvada (Neena Gupta), a mother of grown-up sons, unexpectedly finds herself pregnant again, causing a stir in the family and neighbourhood. The movie explores the reactions of family members, the challenges they face, and the societal stigma attached to late pregnancies. Through humor and sensitivity the film portrays the complexities of family relationships and the resilience of motherhood in navigating unexpected situations.

5. Tribhanga

Homegrown Films on Motherhood
Homegrown Films on MotherhoodCurious Cat

Tribhanga is a glimpse into the intricate and often turbulent relationships between mothers and daughters, exploring the deep-seated emotions that arise from past wounds and unspoken grievances. The film delves into the lives of Nayan, Anu, and Masha, portraying their struggles with identity, acceptance, and forgiveness. Through poignant exchanges and moments of truth, the film delves into the complexities of familial bonds and the journey towards reconciliation amidst fractured relationships. The movie offers a raw and unfiltered look at the dynamics of motherhood, showcasing the power of understanding, empathy, and the enduring nature of love within a family.