Time Is Money
Time Is MoneyRaj

Raj's New Single Illustrates The Challenges Of Creating Art In A Capitalist Society

An artist must not only compete in the arena with other artists but also face their own demons and resolve their internal conflicts while pursuing their craft. A new homegrown track Time is Money emerges as the lead single from the upcoming album 'Culture & Opinions,' an auditory exploration into these intricate struggles of being an artist. Raj, a distinguished guitarist and producer hailing from New Delhi, collaborates with Shillong's own Reble and the Mumbai-based Bebhumika to craft a melodic tapestry that delves into the internal and external challenges faced by creators in an industry consumed by the commercialization of their creativity.

Raj's musical prowess is a fusion of stand-alone beats, jazzy nuances, and neo-soul guitars intertwined with rhythmic drum patterns. His latest offering, 'Time is Money,' is not merely a composition; it's a narrative that echoes the sentiments of artists grappling with an industry that often commodifies their ideas, relegating intrinsic value to mere algorithms, revenue streams, and the ever-fickle allure of visuals and aesthetics.

The music video, a visual masterpiece directed by the talented Shabad Sarin, captures the essence of the song with surreal large eyes symbolizing the perceptual shift in the audience's consumption of content. Oscillating between scenes depicting the creative struggles faced by artists, the video pays homage to the iconic album artwork of Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here.' In essence, 'Time is Money' serves as an ode to the hungry artist navigating the challenges of survival within the confines of a capitalist society.

Raj's journey into music traces back to his formative years, where he explored genres such as prog-rock, jazz, and hip-hop. His distinctive style is marked by a harmonious blend of eclectic influences, creating an auditory experience that resonates with authenticity and innovation.

Reble, a self-possessed artist hailing from Shillong, approaches her music with a calm assurance, treating it not just as a potential main hustle but as a free-spirited hobby. Currently pursuing a degree in civil engineering, Reble's composure and unity with her art are rare in an industry often characterized by turbulence. Unapologetically embracing her identity, her music embodies a ferocious undeterred spirit that sets her apart.

Bebhumika, a trilingual musical prodigy based in Mumbai, seamlessly marries tradition and innovation through heartfelt performances. Ascending through the indie ranks, her vocal prowess positions her as a raw pop talent with limitless potential. Breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of musical conventions, Bebhumika's contribution to 'Time is Money' enriches the track with her multifaceted artistry.

In 'Time is Money,' Raj, Reble, and Bebhumika converge their diverse talents to create not just a song but an introspective journey into the complexities of the artist's struggle. The track serves as an auditory canvas where harmonies and rhythms coalesce, articulating the challenges faced by creators in an industry that often quantifies art in monetary terms. As 'Culture & Opinions' awaits its full unveiling, 'Time is Money' stands as a prelude to an album that promises to be a poignant testament to the ever-evolving landscape of artistic expression.

You can listen to the track below.

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