Careful What You W.i.S.H. For: Get To Know The Newest Homegrown Girl Group

W.i.S.H is poised to leave an indelible mark on the homegrown contemporary music landscape.
W.i.S.H is poised to leave an indelible mark on the homegrown contemporary music landscape. W.I.S.H.

Girl bands like Spice Girls, Destiny's Child, and the Pussycat Dolls have been iconic in the music industry, symbolizing empowerment and cultural influence. From the Spice Girls' '90s girl power anthem to Destiny's Child's powerful vocals and the Pussycat Dolls' blend of pop and dance, these groups have not only topped charts but also inspired generations, showcasing strength and talent in the world of popular music. Blending Hindi and English, India has now has its very own potential pop sensation, that aims to captivate audiences with their anthemic ballads and eye popping aesthetics. This 'I-POP' powerhouse is,aiming to reshape the landscape of pop music not just in India but on a global scale.

W.I.S.H. members Zo, Ri, Sim, and Suchi express their commitment to standing apart from global contemporaries, emphasizing the fusion of international pop sounds with distinct Indian elements. Zo notes, "It’s time for India to showcase a girl group pop act," highlighting the group's ambition to bring Hindi-English music with a fresh and modern sound. Ri adds, "W.i.S.H has a very unique sound compared to our global contemporaries," emphasizing their seamless blend of Hindi and English to cater to diverse audiences.

The band draws inspiration from various artists, both global and local, yet asserts their commitment to creating music without direct influences. Suchi remarks, "We’ve all been singing and writing on our own so we’ve now come together in a collaboration to make music with our own ideas and styles to create something original to W.i.S.H."

Addressing stereotypes associated with boy bands and girl bands, the members discuss the organic and collaborative nature of their music. Ri mentions, "It's been a collaborative process right from the start," emphasizing their involvement in songwriting and their commitment to reflecting girl power, confidence, and self-belief in their music. Sim adds, "Our authenticity is derived from our own individual and unique personalities and also our own musical backgrounds," in a challenge to preconceived notions about manufactured acts.

The birth of W.i.S.H. was sparked by producer Mikey McCleary's vision to create India's modern girl group with a Western sound. Zo details the members' connections, highlighting the instant chemistry that brought them together. Their unique qualities as artists, ranging from energy to eclectic musical tastes to energetic performances, contribute to the band's dynamic and collaborative essence.

Discussing their debut single, Lazeez, the band members reveal the diverse influences in its composition, from English and Hindi to Latin sounds. Ri describes it as a "delicious blend of afropop beats, sizzling trap hi-hats, hints of R&B melodies, and rap," and as a challenge to conventional song structures. Sim notes the empowering theme of the song, stating, "This song is about us taking back control and saying 'we're hot, deal with it.'"

The members' individual influences range from international icons like Ariana Grande and Michael Jackson to Indian stalwarts like Sunidhi Chauhan and AR Rahman. Creative inspiration is drawn from emotions, scenarios, and impactful events, shaping their unique perspectives and musical styles. W.i.S.H. members express their diverse stylistic preferences in ways that reflect their individual personalities. From chic and shiny aesthetics to athleisure and glam, each member brings a unique flair to the group. It's clear they've taken note of the importance of fashion in expressing their identities and enhancing the overall performance experience for their audience.

Looking ahead, W.i.S.H. promises an abundance of music, wild music videos, and exciting content. With a focus on girl power, confidence, and authenticity, the band is poised leave an indelible mark on the homegrown contemporary music landscape while challenging norms and redefining the essence of pop across India.

Follow W.i.S.H. here and listen to their debut single below.

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