Techno & Kink Play: Attend A Homegrown Event Celebrating Freedom, Kink, & Music

Techno & Kink Play: Attend A Homegrown Event Celebrating Freedom, Kink, & Music

Sex, kink play, and fetishes have long been grossly misrepresented in the media, either stigmatized or inappropriately glamorized. Seeking to change this narrative and provide a safe and accepting space for diverse sexual expressions, Shameless is organizing 'Sugar' in Goa, in collaboration with venue partner The Second House and Maanav Dev.

Scheduled for Leap Day on February 29th at 8 PM, the event promises an exclusive and intimate gathering at The Second House, Goa, open to those aged 18 and above, with entry by invite only. The night will feature a vibrant mix of disco, Subculture Play Room, sensual and drag performances, kinky visuals, and a Subculture Pop-Up, creating an atmosphere that transcends the conventional party experience.

Shameless, a community of techno lovers celebrating diversity and inclusivity, believes in providing a space for self-expression, creativity, and connection. The values are simple: be respectful, be kind, and be Shameless! The community encourages attendees to embrace their true selves, respecting others' boundaries and personal space. Consent is paramount, whether for dancing, photography, or physical contact, fostering an environment where everyone feels comfortable and empowered.

Shameless proudly boasts a large community of queer individuals and those identifying beyond non-binary genders. The community emphasizes the importance of not making assumptions about gender or identity, encouraging respectful inquiries. With zero tolerance for bias or discrimination, Shameless is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment. Attendees are urged to speak up against any discomfort or discrimination, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the celebration free from judgment or harassment.

The event, branded as a wild celebration of love and liberation, is an opportunity for attendees to express their sexual freedom freely. The musical theme of house, disco, and breaks at Sugar will be complemented by kinky performers, drag queens, and sensual visuals, promising a night that goes beyond the ordinary. Subculture Play Rooms in Goa, organized by Shameless, promises not just a party but a transformative experience, embracing diversity and creating a space where everyone can be shamelessly true to themselves.

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