'Meditations': Listen To An Immersive Audio-Visual Experience By Antariksh Records

MeditationsAntariksh Records

In the dynamic realm of electronic music, the marriage of auditory and visual elements has become a transformative force, elevating the concert experience to new heights. The synergy between electronic music and visuals is not merely a supplementary addition but an integral aspect that immerses the audience in a multi-sensory journey. The evolution of technology has ushered in a new era where innovative lighting designs, intricate stage setups, and cutting-edge visual installations complement the sonic landscapes of electronic music, creating unforgettable experiences for enthusiasts.

Lighting and stage design stand out as crucial elements in enhancing live performances. A well-crafted lighting design adds depth, mood, and energy to an artist's set, while dynamic stage designs and immersive visual installations contribute to the overall power of electronic music performances. Projection mapping and live visuals further expand the possibilities, allowing artists to synchronize awe-inspiring visual narratives with their music, creating a mesmerizing audiovisual journey. The organic interplay between sound and visuals enhances the interactive and engaging nature of electronic music performances.

Enter Meditations by Antariksh Sound and Media Collective (ASMC), an avant-garde artist collective pushing the boundaries of being and becoming through multisensory media and WIP Labs. The series of hour-long experimental audio-visual immersions took place at the Lilanoor Center of Voice and Music in Delhi, India, on February 3rd, 2024. The event showcased the collaborative efforts of artists Revant, Weatherman, Beatnyk, and Psychopanda, seamlessly intertwining audio and visual components to create a unique and meditative experience.

Beatnyk: Renowned for making noise out of algorithms, Beatnyk is a sound designer with an impressive portfolio. His works have graced prestigious platforms like Unusual London, GitHub Satellite, and Antariksh Records, earning him the title of Best Sound Designer by NDIFF for his exceptional work on Mau: The Spirit Dreams of Cheraw in 2024.

Psychopanda: Armed with a modular synth and a penchant for experimental electronic music, Psychopanda creates novel musical structures and rhythms. His ambient sets, a sonic journey of drones, textures, and bleeps, showcase a fresh and unpredictable approach to electronic music.

Revant: With roots in harsh noise and power electronics, Revant reinvents older practices to channelize the anxieties and darkness of the current time. As the host of 'Dreaming in Time Signals' by Onno Collective, Revant explores the profound relationship between music, memories, and emotional landscapes, providing auditory representations of individuals' past and present.

Weatherman: a visionary in the realm of visual art, skillfully fuses images and sounds to construct immersive spatio-aural landscapes. Driven by a transformative impulse, Weatherman takes reality's images and distorts them into surreal, dreamlike visions. Their collaborations span the national and international stages, sharing performances with notable talents and promoters such as Mama Snake, Elena Colombi, and Daisuke Tanabe. Operating under the umbrella of the Multisensory Dispensary, Weatherman has was the artist on live visuals for Meditations.

Meditations by Antariksh Records stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of electronic music, where artists seamlessly blend sonic and visual elements to create immersive and unforgettable experiences for their audience. The collaboration of ASMC members showcases the endless possibilities when sound and visuals converge in the pursuit of pushing artistic boundaries.

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