#HGMusic: Listen To New Releases From When Hush Falls, Shreya Sharma, Shreya Jain, & More

The Homegrown Music Round-Up
The Homegrown Music Round-UpL: When Hush R: Shreya Sharma & Shreya Jain

Welcome to Homegrown's New Music Round-Up, the ultimate destination for discovering the week's hottest releases across all genres. Each week, we curate a handpicked and homegrown selection of fresh sounds. This week features classical fusion, alternative rock and much more.

Ranjani by Varijashree Venugopal

Varijashree's debut track Ranjani, released by GroundUp Music, signifies a groundbreaking moment as she becomes the first Indian artist signed by the prestigious label. The track, part of her album Vari, beautifully merges Indian classical roots, folk rhythms, and global influences. Ranjani holds personal significance for Venugopal, reflecting her deep connection with the raga since childhood, inspired by her father's rendition. Collaborating with musicians worldwide, like Michael League from Snarky Puppy the track features a rich blend of Banjo, robust Carnatic violins, and diverse rhythms from classical and folk traditions of India. Notably, the legendary Banjo artist Béla Fleck contributes, creating an extraordinary fusion with Raga Ranjani.

Listen to it below.

Sunglasses by Zachary Ray & Sunep A Jamir

The track, born from a collaboration between the two artists, reflects the transformative experience of sunglasses turning an ordinary day into a celebration. With Sunep's distinctive voice and Zachary's musical expertise, the song explores themes of confidence and mystery. Produced by Zachary Ray and Hersh Desai, with lyrics co-written by Sunep and Zachary, and masterfully mixed and mastered by Hersh Desai at Island City Studios, Sunglasses is poised to be a milestone in Zachary Ray's musical journey. The release anticipates a unique sound that combines catchy beats, authenticity, and charm, promising a hit that resonates with a wide audience.

Listen to it below.

Soyi/Khoyi by Shreya Sharma & Shreya Jain

Indie singer-songwriters Shreya Sharma and Shreya Jain are set to enchant audiences with their upcoming single Soyi/Khoyi, a heartfelt ballad capturing the maddening nature of falling in love. The track, produced by Nakul Chugh, explores the enchanting aspects of love, offering a dreamy soundtrack for romantic moments. Shreya Sharma, known for her contributions to Bollywood hits, leads the song, collaborating with the multitalented Shreya Jain, recognized as the OG Indie Singer. Soyi/Khoyi is not just a song; it's a narrative of love's madness, expertly crafted by two exceptional artists, promising to become a cherished addition to Valentine's Day playlists.

Listen to it below.

Clean Slate by When Hush Falls

Clean Slate is the debut EP by Rajarshi Boro hailing from Assam under his solo project When Hush Falls. The compositions, originating as acoustic versions four years ago, evolved through Boro's exploration of music mixing in mid-2021. Inspired by Himalayan landscapes, history, and everyday human struggles, the EP reflects a journey from acoustic beginnings to a fully realized independent production. Rajarshi Boro wrote and performed all the songs, offering listeners a unique musical narrative shaped by his experiences and artistic evolution.

Listen to a track from the EP below.