Anoushka Maskey & Cosmic Grooves New Bossa Nova Single Captures The Heartbreak Of Friendship

Anoushka Maskey
Anoushka MaskeyAnoushka Maskey

With roots set in folk music and a fondness for storytelling, Anoushka Maskey is a singer-songwriter, based in Sikkim/Mumbai who identifies as a lyrics-first musician. Her first ever bossa nova jazz single, 'The Search for Wild Geese' is a collaboration with Cosmic Grooves. TSFWG captures the longing for deep and meaningful connections that can sometimes feel like a hopeless wild goose chase. 

Drawn from experiences of heartbreak in friendships, TSFWG is the disparaging of material relationships that hold no value in the long run. The dramatic lyrics offer an insight into a spiralling mind, while the laid-back instrumentation serves the contrary purpose of recognising that things are always much worse in our heads. 

“TSFWG is an incredibly personal song for me, as it addresses my seemingly life-long desire to be surrounded by people I call family. While romantic hardships are frequent conversation, heartbreak in friendships isn’t as commonly written about. Although bringing that to light, I lead with the intention of instilling hope in our listeners’ minds. We must view the storms we weather as opportunities to live life more fearlessly, rather than let it shut us off to experiences and connections. There is no black and white, or a definite right or wrong guaranteeing a preferred outcome and so, I hope to help listeners revel in the joy of being in the grey.”

Anoushka Maskey

The music video captures Maskey taking her acoustic guitar on a walk around the stunning city of Udaipur. On travelling to Udaipur for their performance at Udaipur World Music Festival, they took advantage of the glorious city views. The two young artists took up the task of shooting the video themselves, Rinik took on the role of the videographer, and Maskey, the video editor.

The song is the team’s very first attempt at bossa nova jazz, with bassist Sahil Mathew having set the rhythm and groove right from the get-go of production. Maskey has always been a sucker for ethereal electric guitar leads, drenched in reverb. She sat down with guitarist Rinik and composed counter melodies and parts together. Pranay Bakshi, aka Cosmic Grooves, also makes his saxophone debut in this single, thus completing this circle of musicians coming together on an experimental project. 

You can catch the music video here.