Anuvad Studio's Interactive E-Textiles Are Intersecting Craft & Tech

Anuvad Studio's Interactive E-Textiles Are Intersecting Craft & Tech
Anuvad Studio

Combining design and technology, Anuvad studio operates in a realm where innovation is the currency and creativity is the compass. Founded as an independent research project and nurtured into fruition as a master's thesis, Anuvad epitomizes the seamless amalgamation of technology and textiles through a lens of design excellence and adaptable production.

At the heart of Anuvad's ethos lies a profound understanding of e-textiles, a realm where traditional craftsmanship dances in harmony with cutting-edge technology. Led by Chhail Khalsa, a visionary Textile Designer and the founder of Anuvad Innovation Studio, the project sets sail on a journey to humanize e-textiles, infusing them with soulful design narratives and transformative potential.

One of their recent projects, Textile Tropics is an immersive oasis of sensory delight, a testament to the boundless creativity of Anuvad's innovative approach. Designed to evoke the tranquil allure of nature within the confines of urban living, Textile Tropics invites participants to touch the fabric and experience the symphony of real bird songs, a magical fusion of technology and tactile experience. Through hidden tech magic, fabric becomes a canvas for immersive experiences, a gateway to extraordinary adventures within the confines of your home.

In Transit, a kinetic marvel crafted by the collaborative genius of Anuvad, Sangita Khalsa, and Himanshu Bablani, transcends the boundaries of traditional artistry. This dynamic installation, powered by motion and proximity sensors, breathes life into the fabric of imagination, reshaping itself with each fleeting moment. Picture a canvas of hand clamp-dyed indigo fabric, adorned with intricate embroidered pieces, set alive by ten motion-sensor-enabled motors that dance in a symphony of unique rhythms and speeds. What sets In Transit apart is not just its aesthetic allure but its dual function as both art and security. Capturing the essence of interaction, this kinetic wonder records each encounter, leaving behind a unique footprint in the form of evolving patterns. Bold colors and geometric shapes converge to create an enthralling experience.

As the driving force behind Anuvad, Chhail Khalsa embodies the spirit of innovation and collaboration. With a background steeped in textile design and a passion for pushing boundaries, Chhail orchestrates a symphony of technical expertise and artisanal finesse. Her collaborative approach, bringing together technical experts, craftspersons, and designers, breathes life into e-textiles that transcend mere functionality to become works of art.

Anuvad's journey is not just about creating products; it's about crafting experiences that resonate with the soul. Through projects like Textile Tropics and In Transit, Anuvad invites us to reimagine the possibilities of textile art, where every thread tells a story and every touch unlocks a new dimension of creativity. The fusion of craft and tech is not just a trend; it's a glimpse into the future of textile artistry.

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