CONTRA’s Debut Indie Grunge Single Explores The Numbness Of A Life Without Colour

Mumbai's underground indie rock scene has a new member. Meet CONTRA, a band redefining emotional intensity with nuance with their debut single, Rain, released under the independent label No Binary Records. The track plunges listeners into a realm of emotional numbness; exploring themes of desolation and the gradual loss of feeling.

Led by vocalist Manas Jha and guitarist Dean/Nikhil Bhosle, CONTRA's roots trace back to the early 2000s indie scene with their previous band, REVOLVER. Rain, produced by Siddharth Basrur (of Kinky Ski Munky, Goddess Gagged, and Runt fame), delves deep into the abyss of grief. It's a visceral journey where everyday experiences lose their vibrancy, and life feels devoid of colour and emotion. The song's heavy grunge sound, masterfully crafted by Basrur, captures the essence of despair, with lyrics like "colours I feel no more" echoing the protagonist's inner turmoil.

"'Rain' is about desolation, life having given up on love, and gradually losing the ability to feel anything at all."
Manas Jha - Vocalist, Contra.

To complement this raw expression, CONTRA has also launched a gripping music video directed by Upasana Chhetri (known for Super 30 and LSD 2) and featuring Shubhit Bajaj as the lead actor. The video weaves a narrative of inner conflict through dance and intense combat sequences, mirroring the song's themes of emotional numbness and desperation.

No Binary Records, founded in 2020 by Kaushik J. Barua and Vikram Singh Kushwaha, provides the perfect platform for CONTRA's unique sound. The label's focus on supporting independent artists and fostering a community of musical innovators aligns seamlessly with CONTRA's vision of pushing artistic boundaries and exploring the depths of human emotion.

As CONTRA prepares to launch their upcoming EP, this debut single marks a powerful entry into the indie rock scene, showcasing their ability to confront dark themes with an unapologetic musical style. With Rain, CONTRA invites listeners on a journey through the shadows of emotional numbness, leaving a haunting echo that resonates long after the song fades.

Follow Contra here and watch the music video below.

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