Delhi, Attend An Almost Gods x Young Collectors' Program Exhibition Fusing Art & Fashion

Delhi, Attend An Almost Gods x Young Collectors' Program Exhibition Fusing Art & Fashion
Almost Gods

Almost Gods, a renowned Delhi-based streetwear label, epitomizes the fusion of India's vibrant native art, textiles, and handicrafts with post-modern Western sensibilities, having created a cultural imprint on the global streetwear scene. Their collections are vibrant, colorful and exude grandeur. Founded by designer Dhruv Khurana, the brand's design language is a bold and disruptive reflection of “paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and godlike technology”. Collaborating with Kashmiri artist and spatial designer Aaquib Wani, in 2018, Almost Gods unveiled a flagship store in Delhi that defies convention. Inspired by the Nabatean Palaeolithic style of architecture, the store boasts a monumental carving of a griffin, symbolizing the brand's extravagant and powerful ethos. The brand’s popularity amongst the urban youth soars as high as a griffin.

Now, in a wonderful turn of events, Almost Gods has created a vibrant collaboration with the India Art Fair Young Collectors' Program. Embracing the fusion of art and technology, the Young Collectors' Program transcends traditional conventional art experiences through thought-provoking exhibitions, immersive workshops, and cutting-edge technological integration. Founded by Teesta Bhandare, the Program focuses not only on the works of young Indians but is also tailored to young collectors.

Delhi, Attend An Almost Gods x Young Collectors' Program Exhibition Fusing Art & Fashion
Meet The Human Doll Intersecting Indian Fashion & Performance Art

Almost Gods and the Young Collectors' Program have partnered with India Art Fair to present Sold Out, an exhibition that explores the transformation of streetwear brand Almost Gods through the perspective of art and product. The exhibition draws connections between the Sold Out phenomenon in the fashion industry and the prevalent use of sold out stickers in the art world (🔴), initiating a conversation between the intricately coded realms of fashion and art. The showcase will introduce Mirage, a sizable canvas painting, and a collaborative capsule collection with visual artist Tito Stanley. The exhibit will also showcase talented homegrown artists including Gurjeet Singh, Rithika Pandey, Pallavi Sen, Vinita Mungi and Shailee Mehta.

Sold Out

Location: Almost Gods Flagship, Dhan Mill, New Delhi

Dates: 27 January-11 February

Opening Hours: 12 pm-8 pm

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