From Shibuya To Shiva Valley: Anyasa's New EP Connects Iconic Local & Global Locales


One of the most proficient producers in the industry, Anish Sood aka Anyasa has released his third EP — Apollo, a four track package that introduces the audience to the rich cultural tapestry of India through a mix of classical Indian sounds and modern electronica. His distinctive style has found global acceptance with his Gaya and Athena EPs under the Anjunadeep banner earlier and this EP seeks to be a perfect reflection of his highly recognisable sound.

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Known to be the first Indian artist signed to Anjunadeep, named after the famous Anjuna Beach in Goa, Anyasa was fully invested in his 12-year long endeavor as one of India’s most successful names in dance music, which soon which developed into a yearning to tell new stories via ingenious sounds. The artist is also currently curating a new musical identity on a North America Tour, by expanding his global reach across the US and Canada in Chicago, Toronto, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver.

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The young creative intends to channel spontaneous and effortless soundscapes by incorporating elements of traditional Indian music with a contemporary twist, in order to craft a fresh, innovative and unforgettable experience for his listeners. Each track in his new EP has a unique story tied to iconic locales and draws inspiration from their history. The tracks, Colaba and Shiva Valley are both uptempo singles and already wildly popular with fans who have experienced them in his live sets, whereas Khimsar and Shibuya explore the deeper side of the EP. 

You can listen to the EP here

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