6 Homegrown Makeup Artists Serving Up Looks Of Horror & Gore This Halloween

Editorial Makeup Artists
Editorial Makeup ArtistsL: Ashrey Puri R: Seba Sulthana

Halloween is a time to let your true inner freak out in all its glory. Whether you are going to a warehouse party, a small house party or simply dressing up for the heck of it, there are more than enough inspirations online. From gore and SFX to glamorous retro looks, this is the time to channel your wildest avatar in its physical manifestation. From graphic liners and dated makeup to prosthetics and fake blood, there are a lot of ways to make your look come to life.

If you need some guidance on how to realise your idea, here is a homegrown curation of Indian creatives who use the medium of makeup to create intricate and stunning Halloween looks. 

For its first time in Mumbai, after building a definite Halloween cultural imprint across 4 unforgettable years in Delhi, Homegrown is bringing ‘Casa Bacardi’ HALLOWEEN to the Maximum city, for an unprecedented larger-than-life Halloween party.

I. Kashish Panchal 

While Kashish Panchal’s username may be The Cozyy Chic, her looks are anything but cosy; they are a riot of creativity and talent. The professional makeup artist from Mumbai has created numerous SFX looks over the years, for Halloween and otherwise. From fictional characters like Vecna and Pinhead to her personal takes on tropes like Scary Clowns and Zombies. While recreating her looks may require hours of hard work and an expert understanding of makeup to recreate (which most of us may not possess), she is a veritable source of inspiration for creating Halloween looks with a spin.

You can follow her here.

II. Hiba H.

An Indian-origin creator who is now based out of Canada, Hiba H aka @hhbomberr is perhaps best known for her crisp makeup transition reels. Mixing the mediums of makeup, dance and video editing, Hiba creates engaging reels that have shot her to popularity. The looks that she creates use bright colours, graphic lines and a flair of editorial elements, making most of her looks Halloween-worthy. But she has also created dedicated Halloween looks that go all out, with costumes, face paint, and quirky lenses as well. 

You can follow her here.

Editorial Makeup Artists
Mumbai, Homegrown Is Back With The Biggest Halloween Party This Season

III. Seba Sulthana

A Kochi-based creative who is an architect by education and a makeup artist by passion, Seba Sulthana shares makeup tutorials and beauty reviews through her profile. A lover of embracing natural skin tone and experimenting with makeup, she creates editorial and wearable looks alike. One of her popular series is her recreations of the makeup looks worn by iconic Indian Heroines.For Halloween and otherwise, she has created makeup looks that range from whimsical and fantasy-inspired to those that are disturbing and gory. 

You can follow her here.

IV. Ashrey Puri 

While he is a professional makeup artist based out of Gurugram who does both wedding and editorial work, Ashrey uses his profile to share his personal experiments with makeup and styling. While he occasionally creates outright editorial looks like his recent spooky wood nymph look, he is the perfect creative to inspire chic and unique graphic eye makeup that can elevate a glam Halloween outfit. 

You can follow him here.

V. Simone Lalwani

Shuttling between Goa, Mumbai and Europe, Simone Lalwani is a makeup artist who seamlessly creates refined airbrushed looks and disruptive, larger-than-life editorial looks as well. While she is not a frequent content creator these days, when she does publish a look, it is an intricate display of her skill as a makeup artist. From a lionfish sea fairy to a clown core makeup look, she has created select but impressive Halloween-worthy looks. 

You can follow her here.

VI. Shantanu Dhope 

A leading makeup and lifestyle creator from Mumbai who has worked with some of the leading brands, Shantanu creates whimsical eye makeup looks and reviews products. Through each of the looks on his profile, he captures his style that is sleek, glam and colourful. During Halloween and the festive season, he creates looks that are more audacious and editorial. He has created some of the most trending looks of the year for Halloween this year - celestial beings and spooky demons. He has put his own spin on the quick devil horns makeup look, hacked with an eyelash curler, that has been taking over Instagram and Tiktok of late. 

You can follow him here.

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